The Insanemedia Oval Table – Sandy Hook Edition

Topic – All things SH. Including the recent efforts by the Soto family to trademark Victoria’s name…the upcoming FOIA hearing for Wolfgang Halbig…the demolition of the Lanza home…Chipper…


  1. Listened to all of it. You guys did a fantastic job! Thank ALL of you for
    doing what you do. Thank you to the guy in Conn for being willing to go out
    and investigate on foot. By action. We need more like you
    Jeff D. you are a fucking genius!
    THANK YOU FOR GETTING RID OF THAT PEST CW! Swan Song you are a pro and I
    feel will become an even bigger name than Ben Swann 🙂


  2. Sorry had to shut this off about 40 minutes in. You need to include the
    audience in the conversation! We might not be all up to date on the issues.
    For example you started in about Chipper Jones- I listened about him for 10
    minutes and I still couldn’t tell you who he is and what he did!?!

  3. On the subject of CW Wade.. His latest Yuotube name is ‘Sandy Hook Facts’.
    I gotta show you the dialogue between him and i. He claims that both
    himself, and Keith Johnson are Jewish, yet something really blows my mind.
    Johnson is a Holocaust denier, and yet CW speaks about him, whilst talking
    about himself. He’s blowing a Holocaust denier, yet has the audacity to
    speak of us, being Loony Toons. Both the controlled opposition fucks need
    to be castrated.._. Very slowly.

  4. What happened? I tried to listen last night starting at 9 pm. There was
    nothing there. Someone in the chat told me that it was “being rescheduled”.
    So I did not try again.

  5. Thank you soooo much guys&gal for recording this 🙂 ! I am so
    super-duper-mega-uber PISSED that i missed it while it was live 🙁 but
    Phewf! its here now.

  6. Obviously this school has not been occupied for years. They are out of
    code. the computer monitor is from 90’s. There is mold on the janitors rm.

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