The Future Of The United States

The Future Of The United States

Starting Points Of Research Links:

The Patriot Act:

NDAA 2013 Passes With Indefinite Detention Still Intact:

Widespread Abuse Of Patriot Act Powers:

Obama Tries To Hide Information Regarding Rape and Sexual Abuse in Abu Ghraib:

Obama Extends Patriot Act:

Obama’s Kill List:

FBI finalizing It’s NGI Biometrics Database: Future Of The United States

Biometrics At Departures:

Iris Scanning From A Distance:

Biometrics Checks At The Border Are Already In Place For Immigrants Entering, And Now Is To Be Added For Exiting…

People Placed On No-Fly List For Political Reasons:

Drones Used To Hunt Dorner:

Dorner Fire Set Intentionally:

Police Admit Dorner Fire Was Set On Purpose:

FBI Murdered Todashev Execution Style:

Leaked Document: Government Setting Up Military Detention Centers – Internment and Resettlement Operations:

DHS Buying Billions Of Bullets (Some Of The Purchase Orders)

450 Million Rounds Purchased By DHS Earlier This Year:

Purchase Order For Additional 750 Million Rounds Of Ammunition:

DHS Buys Even More Bullets:

Why Does DHS Need More Bullets Per Officer Than Army?

Senator Coburn Points Out The DHS “Zombie” Training Exercise As Wasteful:

DHS Training To Shoot Civilians:

Details About The Exercise:

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