The Changing Climates Of Global Warming Propaganda [Fascinating Study]

“Scientists and science journalists like to say that one of the best ways to tell that climate change is real is to take a look at the changes we can already see: This year is on track to be…


  1. Liberal stupidity:

    -Call Christians idiots even though they FAIL to disprove of God

    -Believe in climate change because some ice melted

    I’m not even a conservative and I can see the bullshit.

  2. The climate change science is so historically flawed. First of all, all
    scientists agree that the climate is changing. What is causing the changing
    and how much of the climate change is due to co2 is the area of
    disagreement. The last 10,000 years the average tempature along with co2
    levels have been changing back and forth regularly by about 5 degrees, and
    the 10,000 years before that back and forth by 10-15 degrees. So what was
    causing that? Humans weren’t using fossil fuels back then, yet there was
    co2 changes and tempurature changes. That is largely ignored by the IPCC,
    it’s a contradiction that they don’t even touch because it will end their
    massive funding and their tax and command economy agenda.

    Next, there’s actually positives to rising temperatures and increased co2.
    The world would be cooling without it, which would hurt our species and
    many others, the rising co2 might be fighting off an ice age. We also see
    increased forest inventories and increased crop growth in areas that
    previously had land that food couldn’t be grown on, either due to desert or

    Life flourishes in the warmth, that’s just a fact.

  3. Do you people think the world is gonna stay exactly the same forever? The
    climate has been constantly changing since the beginning of the planet,
    hundreds of millions of species have gone extinct because of these changes
    in the past so what’s happening now is not a new development it has always
    been happening and will always continue to happen and I refuse to take the
    blame for a natural process of the Earth.

  4. Okay, here’s the thing, climate change deniers:

    I’ll be (VERY) generous and say there’s a 33% chance humans cause climate

    You now have a choice: do nothing, and run a 33% chance of flooding, rising
    sea levels, forest fires, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and so on – and a
    66% of nothing happening.

    Or you could actually do something about it, and remove the entire gamble –
    ensuring the future of the earth as a habitat for humans and animals alike,
    at the cost of… Money. Very little money at that.

    Let me put it a different way:

    You have a wheel of fortune. The wheel is divided into three. No matter
    what happens, you’ll win 20 thousand dollars. However, one third of the
    wheel will give you AIDS if you land on it.
    Then you got a choice: before you spin the wheel, you can take 2000 off the
    winning price, and remove the same third.

    Which would you take? 20 thousand dollars and 33% chance of AIDS, or 18
    thousand dollars and no AIDS? Your choice.

  5. 97% of the Science community believe that their Climate estimates are the
    best and most accurate guide we have right now. THAT’S ALL AN *ACTUAL
    SCIENTIST* WILL TELL YOU. I’ve never heard a Scientist say that human
    beings are doomed and we wont adapt to this gradual change.
    How can you make accurate estimates on Climate for 100 years time using
    yesterdays figures, this data doesn’t/ cant predict and include any future
    weather anomalies, they’re not fortune tellers. Last year we all lived
    through the hottest year on record, yes that’s right, our bodies adapted to
    the environment we’re now living in, and so it will be for all future
    gradual Climate change. TYT stop the fear.

  6. From 1991-2012 there were 13,950 peer reviewed articles on climate. Of
    those 13,950, 24 reject global warming.
    Out of 33,700 peer-reviewed climate change papers, a whopping 34 reject
    that it’s human caused.
    In 2013 there were 10,885 peer-reviewed climate articles. TWO reject
    man-made global warming.
    99.84% of peer reviewed papers support AGW
    Every single scientific institute on the planet is in agreement that AGW is
    occurring, not a SINGLE one is in opposition.
    Please, just think about that, deniers. After you’re done thinking, tell us
    how logical you are and how much you understand consensus and science.

    James Laurence Powell did the research. You can find everything here: here:

    He combed tirelessly through literally thousands of papers and only a tiny
    insignificant percentage denied AGW.He holds a Ph.D. in Geochemistry from
    the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and several honorary degrees,
    including Doctor of Science degrees from Berea College and from Oberlin

  7. Well, false alarm of Global Cooling in the 60’s and 70’s might have some
    effect on this too. But climate change is an empiric fact. What is not a
    fact is that we can reverse it without breaking world’s economy by
    artificially trying to force market to change from the fossil fuels to
    renewable sources.

  8. Oh look another liberal theory with no proof or evidence. And they call
    conservatives foolish for believing in God…LOL!!!

  9. Sorry Libtards. You can’t change something that has no proof of existence.
    Stick to promoting Faggots and Thugs like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.

  10. No wonder TYT is forced to be a youtube channel seeing how biased they are.
    You’ll never be a real News Anchor Cenk, NEVER EVER.

  11. Cenk, we are not destroying our planet. Earth will we fine. It’ll keep on
    spinning for a few more billion years. It’s we who are fucked. There’s a
    difference :P

  12. Ask any gardener just how bad Co2 is for their plants…

    So if the Earth had way more Co2 in the past and plants love it, how
    exactly is it the root of all evil???

    Oh wait, paying ten times as much for everything because of carbon taxes
    that just go to fat cat bankers is going to help the Earth…..

  13. When drug companies are caught faking clinical trial data, no one is
    surprised anymore. When vaccine manufacturers spike their human trial
    samples with animal antibodies to make sure their vaccines appear to work,
    we all just figure that’s how they do business: lying, cheating, deceiving
    and violating the law.

    Now, in what might be the largest scientific fraud ever uncovered, NASA and
    the NOAA have been caught red-handed altering historical temperature data
    to produce a “climate change narrative” that defies reality. This finding,
    originally documented on the Real Science website, is detailed here.

    Learn more:

  14. I don’t think anyone is denying that climate change exists. I think what
    people are denying is that humans are the cause of it. I would wonder what
    type of stakes these politicians pushing global warming hold in green
    energy companies. Seems like a hoax to defraud people to me.

  15. Im always amazed at the dimwit conservative who opposes doing something
    about climate change. Man-made or not, its going to destroy your way of
    life. These low-IQ beings cant even stand gun reform? Try martial law and
    all guns siezed when society collapses due to nature “readjusting” herself.

    It’s almost as if they cant wait to die. Well, there are ways of arranging

  16. Idiots are amazing people. These are the type of guys that look at
    scientific journals, articles, various studies done by different
    universities, etc. They look at all of this and completely dismiss it and
    call you the idiot for believing in it. And normally I would let idiots
    be, hell, we all can use a good laugh from time to time. But when it comes
    to the state of the planet and how the weather and climate patterns have
    changed, then we can no longer let the village idiot rule the day. No
    troll dares to get on this thread cause I’ll just make you look stupid as
    hell for fun. 

  17. When will liberals stop believing the lie of GloBULL “warming”? My dad
    teaches me about the hoax of gw in my home-school science class and from
    watching the Fox news channel, also it is REALLY cold out so THERE is your
    global “warming” for you godless earth-worshipping libs.

  18. Everyone go and watch Suspicious Observers. Someone with real data to
    explain what’s really going on. Don’t ever be told whether its climate
    change, global warming or cooling. Research it yourself if you have the
    time. Only then you’ll be certain about the future of our climate. 

  19. The CO2 in our atmosphere (one of the primary greenhouse gasses) has
    increased 300% since 1950. But, that means its still only at 400 parts per
    Million, up from 100. What exactly does that mean? Clearly, we’re
    responsible for the increase in CO2, but its not clear how big of a deal it

    Uh.. now pick a side and go ape shit I guess.

  20. Listen up you godless libs…I have become very educated in this subject
    from watching the Fox News Channel and reading anti-climate change blogs
    and they make it very clear that climate change is a fraud. I don’t care
    how many scientists say it’s true because they just get paid to say that,
    unlike the oil companies that have no monetary incentives…

  21. LMAO at cenk just slurping, gargling, sucking AL GORE dick over shit he
    doesn’t even believe in “don’t make me explain it ayyylmao”

  22. For all of you that don’t believe in global warming, just look at how
    sweaty my forehead is. Checkmate.


  23. Cenk states that professors didn’t fix numbers? Actually, they did, and
    they even admitted to doing it.

    They gave reasons as to why Briffa’s data was not included past 1960 as it
    was in his Nature paper, but the reality is that, yes, they did hide the
    decline as they stated, and they did use a “trick” in order to make the
    numbers not appear as problematic as they were.

    ClimateGate was bad then, and it’s still bad now. The only reason nobody
    talks about ClimateGate anymore is because the debate is already settled.
    The United States is not doing any kind of climate legislation. The world
    as a whole is shying away from doing anything, as Australia under new
    Conservative leadership wants to repeal their Carbon tax, which is becoming
    more and more unpopular.

    So, face the facts. Cenk, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and
    you ar ewilling to downplay anything that will take votes away from
    Democrats in every election.

    TYT is the Fox News of the Left.


  25. NOAA Data: Cold Records dominated the Heat Records in last 30days 8971 to
    1731., In the Last 365days 53,500 to 36,500… Global Warming Pause or No
    Global Warming at all. Maunder Minimum on our door step. Don’t believe the
    Eyes Open, No Fear

  26. Climate Change is more accurate than Global Warming. When the Earth warms
    up, most coastal regions will severely go down in temperature. A hotter
    Earth will release enormous amounts of fresh ice water in saline seas.
    Fresh water floats on saline water and will disrupt the conveyors of warm
    water around the world. This will severely impact coastal regions that now
    have a moderate to warm climate because those climates are mainly formed by
    the flow of said warm water.

  27. Oil is another 60 years then we are out, lets just over use it and get it
    over with and give nuclear and therium and renewables more time to become
    more effective once we are out of oil we probably will have more power
    sources and coal will be eliminated too but we cant suddenly make any
    changes in a bad economy. Any smart economy expert knows to depleet the
    cheap resources first make your country strong with it then make the
    switch. Germany doing it because they feel they have the cash, but they
    probably should of waited another 10 years now they are over paying.

  28. TYT, It doesn’t matter. They still “lied” and made a specific claim that
    the Earth was and is getting WARMER which is clearly not, so if you or they
    want to backpedal and now say it was climate change all along, that’s fine,
    we agree, but its out of man’s control and has been happening for billions
    of years and is drieven primarly by a giant ball of gas usually called

  29. The globe hasn’t warmed up since about 1999 if I’m not mistaken.. 50% of.
    The arctic ice is back.. And the sun is going through a solar grand minimum
    stage… We only had 4 hot days in the 90’s this year … Look it up…
    We’re going to go through a mini ice age…. 

  30. LOL “global warming” Get the fuck outta here!

    lets call it “climate change”…………………….. WELL NO SHIT THE

  31. If you prefer to get your climate science from a priest and your weather
    report from an economist, would you like to get your dental care from a
    cosmetologist and your laproscopic surgery from an telemarketer?

    Still amazed that the dummies who fought the Civil War at the behest of
    wealthy men still take their orders from the top and oppose all sense and
    reason – is there nothing these pogues won’t believe?

  32. there has been no change in average temperature in the past 18 years. It is
    now being called the “pause”. This was not predicted. If 97% of all the
    scientist knew what they were talking about they would have predicted this
    “pause” . However they did not , therefore they don’t know what they are
    talking about. I am not worried about “climate change” or global warming”.
    We are not going to destroy the earth’s climate with 200 years of industry.
    This planet has had many “ice ages” and many jwarm periods before mankind
    was even on the earth. this planet has survived impacts from celestial
    bodies, massive earthquakes, gigantic volcanic eruptions. Yet you want us
    to believe because we use coal and oil, which are natural substances from
    this beautiful planet, that it will destroy the atmosphere. Not buying.

  33. HAHahaha! Look at that Earth burning! Nice propaganda picture Stenk! Tell
    Al Gore to take all our money so we will be safe!!!

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