The Bill Press Show – May 28, 2014

Today’s Guests: David Jackson, White House Correspondent, USA Today Leigh Munsil, Defense Reporter, Politico Zeke Miller, Time Magazine, Political Reporter Shawna Thomas, NBC News White House…


  1. Have a safe & wonderful day make the most of every moment as though it were
    the best? Hagd Love from East Wenatchee!

  2. Bea, that quote from chapter 34, vers 16 , Ezekiel , may the almighty and
    holy spirit help your Aunt Jane

  3. and give strength to that which was ill: but the fat and the strong I will
    give up to destruction; I will give them for their food the punishment
    which is theirs by right.

  4. I will go in search of that which had gone wandering from the way, and will
    get back that which had been sent in flight, and will put bands on that
    which was broken,

  5. OPh bea I will pray for her now. I am so sorry to hear this. Does she have
    an anourism (sorry about the misspelling, my spell check is not giving the
    right spelling )

  6. what she said lives in my heart, indeed it burns in my heart and this is
    why my little cell of God’s Body speaks!

  7. Please say a prayer for my Aunt Jane? She is the hospital with a brain
    bleed, She is my mentor & an outstanding force for Democracy!!!

  8. yes I know romero was killed along hundreds of thousands of others but …I
    met one of the nuns who was there when he was killed, she came to America
    to tell us what was going on

  9. LOL Juli I am nobody but I just had to realize I could not do it all ~ and
    the truth is God has MILLIONS of soldiers doing other things, so I am
    adding to it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. hear, hear Cathy, your explain are more will said than my church minister,
    you should speak this good ideas in your church fellowship

  11. the feet cannot do what the hands go, the mouth cannot do what the feet do,
    so as one part of the Body we can only do what God made us to do

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