The Best Exoneration Apology From Lead Prosecutor On Glenn Ford Case

“This is the first, and probably will be the last, time that I have publicly voiced an opinion on any of your editorials. Quite frankly, I believe many of your editorials avoid the hard questions…


  1. Rightwingers prefer that innocent people get the death penalty because that
    leads to more killing. Kill an innocent person and a killer is left to
    roam free to kill again which can lead to more executions of more innocent
    people. Rightwingers are bloodthirsty mongrels, and pretty much the
    opposite everything they say is the reality. An example of that would be
    calling themselves *”ProLIfe”*.

  2. Who are the people who are responsible for the idea that people who are
    imprisoned should be treated poorly? What group drives this in our
    culture? Who are the people who would have executed Mr. Ford and been
    comfortable with the mistake? 

  3. This proves that having money to afford a good defense makes so much
    difference. This is the definition of privilege. Rich people get away with
    so much shit.

  4. how many other innocent black men are rotting away in prison because of
    heartless p.o.s prosecutors like that. no point in living in a continent
    that cares nothing for you, people.

  5. I would rather live in a society where we have guilty people go free than
    one that puts innocent people in jail.

  6. This is not an anomaly. DAs destroy the lives of the innocent and of the
    guilty on a routine basis. DAs prey off of an overburdened uninformed
    public all the time to get their wins. They destroy defendant’s lives, the
    defendant’s family’s lives, their neighbors, their communities – and
    Americans pay for it in the cost of the entire criminal justice system and
    public assistance rolls. Most of it stems from the idea that social ills
    can be solved with vengeance – an American past time. It’s how you get the
    worlds worst incarceration state – it’s how you get a police state – it’s
    how you get The Truth in Sentencing Act. And in the end – the worse
    person affected by all of this ‘win’ strategy? The victim. Victims are used
    to get the win just like the defendants. And after the sensationalism is
    over – they are tossed aside just like the defendant. DAs can be as
    predatory as those that they prosecute. 

  7. SHow a picture of the actor Glen Ford and poll republicans and see if he
    should get a massive pay out, then show them the real guy and see what they

  8. This would be on my “to do” list if I were Glenn Ford:
    1. Make sure I get paid every goddamn fucking dime they owe me.
    2. Buy a Death Note or hire a professional team of kidnappers
    3. Write down the name of every person involved in my prosecution in the
    Death Note or have them imprisoned in some secret location for 30 years
    (OldBoy reference).
    4. Lament the time I lost in prison while making it rain 1000 dollar bills.

  9. Again moron “liberals” use this an excuse to be against the death penalty
    even though today’s technology and investigation methods are much more

  10. Who gives a fuck about his apology? This guy lost 33 years in prison and
    now they don’t want to pay? Lol, if I was Glenn Ford, I would track down
    and kill anyone involved in my false imprisonment. 

  11. This is why, though I support the death penalty on paper, I do not support
    it in practice. Because there have been more than 0 innocent people put to
    It is better to suffer the pain of a 1000 guilty people living in prison
    than the pain of 1 innocent person being executed(or imprisoned.)

  12. Much praise should go to this brave and honest guy.
    This testimony and others like it should be covered in law school to remind
    young cocky lawyers that their arrogance and hubris to recognize their
    human fallibility can lead to embarrassing miscarriages of justice which
    should rightly plague them for the rest of their lives if and when they
    fail to right their wrongs.

  13. First of all, pay the guy. Second of all, good for this guy for saying so
    and hopefully that helps make it happen. The “tough on crime” attitude
    (especially when mixed with racism) is sooooo brutally stupid and
    destructive and self-defeating… jesus christ…

  14. I was found guilty twice for something I never did. It is just lovely how
    judges find people guilty with absolutely no evidence at all, but it
    happened to me even after the prosecutor admitted under oath they could be
    wrong about what I was accused of. Judges do not care. All they are
    interested in doing is closing cases.

  15. What makes this apology so great, exactly? As if people didn’t understand
    the severity of the punishment already? As if this prosecutor was the one
    who deserves credit for the exoneration, and now has some moral authority
    to say what should happen next? As if we should praise him for his great
    love of justice, when he was just as sure of his “just” desires when he put
    the guy behind bars in the first place?

    The fact that liberals fawn over this kind of crap shows how gullible and
    easily deceived they are. They still fawn over Bill Clinton, Hollywood
    stars, left-wing dictators, or anyone else willing to tell them sweet
    nothings about the moral superiority of libtards.

  16. the Criminal Justice System:
    “sorry we took 30 years from you, but oh well shit happen, and don’t expect
    us to pay you a dime. Everyone who helped locking you up are happily
    married with grandchildren and retired. We are also immune to any civil
    lawsuits lol. now go live in a tent somewhere and be glad we don’t send
    cops to shoot your black ass!”

  17. If I was to walk up to any of the people trying to deny this poor man his
    compensation and punch them in the face, I bet they would demand
    compensation for the black eye or bruised jaw that would heal in a couple
    weeks. But destroy a man’s life and make him live in hell for 30 years when
    he did nothing wrong… THAT they have a problem giving compensation for.
    There is no logic to this world anymore.

  18. Louisiana Justice, Patriot Act, Religious Morality
    All of these things have something in common, can you guess what?

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