Texas A&M’s First Gay SGA President Is Too Important to Rick Perry

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  1. He didn't necessarily take time away from his duties as Secretary of Energy. We all have free time away from our day jobs.

  2. Closet case Rick Perez ( aka Perry) ex yell leader at Texas a& m. He's gay that's why he's against it. He hates himself. Although his new glasses confirms he has the " gay" eye for style.

  3. this is insane. God dammit – I actually have to hope that Mattis is the bastion of sanity in the administration.

  4. Rick Perry freaks out about people being gay so much that it makes me think that he's a closeted gay guy. Sometimes I think those closeted right-wingers think that if they can just force everyone not to be gay that they themselves will stop feeling attracted to people of the same sex as themselves. It doesn't work that way guys.

  5. 5:58 These people would rather shoot themselves in the head that say "the liberals were right". they have to suffer greatly to feel compassion. I think that is why the pendulum swings.

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