Terror Toddler Invades White House Lawn

Maybe he just wanted a playdate? A toddler squeezed his way through the fence of the White House lawn Thursday night, catching the eye of gun-toting Secret Service agents. The boy was passing…


  1. Hey tyt fans. Are you people actually more afraid of Putin and Russia than
    your own police state and tyrannical big brother executive branch? If so, I
    offer my sincerest condolences. <---(wtf is wrong with you if you do?)

  2. Over half of the first comments posted are by known TYT trolls. You all
    must wet yourselves with glee, when after constantly refreshing your
    browser, a new TYT clip pops up.

  3. We don’t know if this kid was raised by extreme radicals to hurt our
    nation, you can never be too sure anymore with the way the US has been
    these days. We have a place for people like this kid, it’s called
    Guantanamo bay.

  4. You forgot to mention the part where they actually put white house on lock
    down because of this. Obama is turning into the French. 

  5. “we are such a militarized state” lol Cenk has no idea what living in a
    real militarized state feels like.. :D

  6. I bet he was high on the devil’s weed and had a military style assault
    pistol hidden in his rectum! Right? RIGHT?!

  7. If I was a sharpshooter guarding the White House, I might have slipped a
    little at the sight of a toddler and fucked his life up by mistake,
    thinking he was a crazed midget trying to murder the President because of
    the voices in his head. 

  8. Was the toddler black, white, brown? I’m sure if it was black or brown they
    would have assumed it was a suicide bomber and taken the kill shot. Let’s
    me real folks.

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