Teen Rape Victim Forced To Pay Thousands In Child Support

“An Arizona man owes more than $15000 in child support payments for a daughter he fathered as a result of statutory rape. Nick Olivas engaged in a sexual relationship with a 20-year-old woman…


  1. Because male rape isn’t taken seriously in this country. Everyone laughs
    about men getting raped in prisons. Imagine if you went around laughing
    about women getting gang-raped. Ridiculous double-standards. 

  2. The kid new what he was doing. At fifteen you have a brain and can think
    for yourself. He chose to have unprotected sex with this young woman so why
    should the american people pay for his kid if he can afford to himself?

  3. You’re not more worried about the state raiding his bank account instead of
    presenting him with a bill?! I agree that the guy doesn’t deserve this, of
    course, but isn’t the more important bit that the state is handing down
    this kind of shit and then just taking money from his account? Also, whose
    policies do you think made this possible? Conservatives? 

  4. I know what you feminists are thinking now
    “Feminazis – 1
    Patriarchy – 0″…
    Seriously though, THIS is something to shove in their fat fucking dyke

  5. He wasn’t raped! It was underage sex. Most kids lose their virginity at
    14-15 now. I do think it’s wrong making him pay since he didn’t know

  6. I love how Ana simply admits that guys get it worse, but DOES NOT suggest
    that people should do anything about it.

  7. How the heck does this video get so many likes yet when celebrities have
    their privacy violated and TYT condems it, the video gets half dislikes?

  8. Anahit, he is not a victim of rape, he is a victim of statutory rape (aka
    consensual illegal sex) I’m sure he knew how babies are made by age 14 (at
    least I knew, don’t know how bad sex education is in USA) *also, the title
    is misleading like 50% of TYT titles,* title should read: “Statutory rape
    victim” and not “rape victim”

  9. I am a woman and this pisses me off. Arizona you have proven once again
    that you have gone full retard. I can also believe Kansas since I lived
    there, but California shocks me.

  10. This must be TYT’s outreach to the anti-feminists. The story is outrageous,
    but I’ve heard of women who had to share custody of children conceived as a
    result of rape with the person who raped them. And these were violent
    rapes, so let’s not get it twisted here.

  11. I think you should have to support your child, its a responsibility. But i
    dont think you should have to back pay it With INTEREST when you were not
    told you had a child. There should be a law that if your partner lies to
    you and withholds information that you have a child then they cannot claim
    child support for that period of time.

  12. Half a lifetime ago, when I was 15 I had sex with a girl that was 16. We
    both consented. Young people can give consent. The law saying they can’t is
    just basically treating them like animals.

  13. Oh Ana. You really HATED saying guys have it worse in regards to the family
    court system at the end there didn’t you.

  14. I always wanted to visit the US, but now legal system is so broken i no
    longer want to visit. Hell know i happen to look at someone the wrong way
    and end up in jail for 15 years.

  15. I get that this is statutory rape, however he is still a *victim*. You
    can’t expect 14 year old people to make the right decisions, and they end
    up regretting it later. This is why we have age limits. He shouldn’t have
    to pay a single penny to the stupid rapist whore.

    She actively *CHOSE* to have the child instead of having an abortion. I
    don’t care what your belief is, nothing gives you the right to mooch off
    other people. 

  16. its tough to say whether this kid was raped or not, age of consent laws
    don’t magically mean you’ve found the objective cut off. Some 14 year old
    boys are aware enough to consent, many are not. I think 14 year old girls
    would be more likely to consent with 20 year old guys. We should try to
    push for clearer psychological standards as to what actually constitutes
    consent, and not one size fits all age limits. 

  17. Man are the canon fodder of humanity… always. raped in prisons, drafted
    to die in wars, get fucked over in divorces
    don’t let Crazy feminist say otherwise 

  18. Something is wrong with this story. It says he is 24 and was served with
    papers 2 years ago for a child he fathered 6 years earlier which would make
    him 16 when the child was born and either 15 or 16 when the child was
    conceived. The legal age of consent in Arizona is 15 which based on the
    timeline in the story means he was not raped because he gave consent and
    was of legal age. In addition TYT is not reporting a fairly important part
    of the story which is that the father ignored the court summons so he was
    slapped with 10% interest because the authorities had to track him down to
    get him to take the court ordered paternity test.

  19. Why is the state of Arizona so backwards thinking? I’m guessing it’s
    because the state doesn’t want to pay welfare for the child or whatever, so
    they’re going after him.

  20. UGH.. why are guys who are the victims never supported? where the fuck is
    the equality fucking backwards society and hypocrites…

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