Ted Cruz gets YUGE applause at Georgia event, crowd chants ‘Ted! Ted! Ted!’

While the media is publicly crucifying Ted Cruz for receiving an invite, informing Trump he wasn’t going to endorse, and then doing what he said he was going to do, they’re not reporting the crowds that appreciate the Tednado for standing up to the cheeto-faced vulgarian.

Here’s Cruz last night in Georgia receiving YUGE applause from an adoring crowd there to see him endorse an actual conservative

From AJC:

Crane, who choked up when he introduced Cruz, is viewed by some as the Georgia Senate’s version of the Texas senator: Independent and unafraid to ruffle feathers, even if it means alienating his own Republican colleagues. Ferguson has been endorsed by the state Chamber of Commerce and retiring 3rd District Congressman Lynn Westmoreland. He’s widely viewed as the establishment Republican candidate in the race.

Cruz never mentioned Trump by name Friday night, but received a standing ovation when he alluded to the “little-noticed talk” he gave in Cleveland. Cruz was booed after his prime-time speech Thursday night after he refused to endorse Trump.

Wait, he declined to insult Trump’s wife and his father? Wow, that’s weird, it’s almost as if Cruz isn’t a childish scumbag like Trump – if only Americans still cared about character and conservatism…

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