Tears fall as children are evacuated from Slaviansk

A teenager says “everybody is scared,” as residents of Slaviansk evacuate women and children amid violence in eastern Ukraine. Deborah Lutterbeck reports. Subscribe: .


  1. *Fuck you US/EU/NATO/Joe Bidens SON who now sits on the board of fucking
    directors of Ukraine’s gas deposit just recently found. Hey Joe…you got
    Chevron and Exxon in there too? Fucking pricks. Just remember…what comes
    around goes around!!! Assholes! 

  2. These people are scared not of the separatists but of the artillery and
    violent govt forces. Had the real president of Ukraine done the same Obama
    would have launched WW3, but all’s good if it’s done by a US puppet.

  3. Putin financed terrorists use schools and people’s
    Do people think Putin’s regime plans
    to give back Crimea?
    If No, that means that Russia wants to continue it’s aggression
    against Ukraine. Russian citizens lead separatist movement in east Ukraine.
    Putin’s TV is a source of hate and separatism and people in east Ukraine
    are forced to watch it. Putin’s regime recently aligned with China (against
    wishes of Russian citizens), and China has levels on influence on Russia’s
    foreign policy. 2 levels of influence on todays Russia: Gazprom and China

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