Takkar Jameen Par: Nitin Gadkari Vs Digvijay Singh On Land Bill (Part 2)

In this Aaj Tak special, we provide a platform for BJP’s Nitin Gadkari and Congress’ Digvijay Singh to debate on the much-discussed Land Acquisition bill. Listen in to what they have to say…


  1. If this bill not for coporporate why u angry gadkari you tell how u make
    factory own .we know you make money from this

  2. Nitin Gadkari Baseless Talk . All BJP leaders are expert to diverting
    subjects only. First time I have seen Gadkari talk without confident. why
    you all the time says belive me? Why should we farmer believe you? BJP is
    making fansi ka funda for farmer , it’s not a bill..

  3. Fuck u modi give logical coment you said we make coridor on nNH 1 km each
    side then who make industry there no ans who invest there no ans .you are
    pro rich govt only.this time u can’t convinced any one

  4. bloody corrupt congress looted looted this country for sixty years. They
    brought our land in Pune and when we were on road making rally against that
    acquisition eight farmers were killed. Now for development this bill is
    very important. We need factories, jobs as farming is no more profitable in
    this country. This taklu Dikvijay is a number one liar politician after
    Kejarival in this country.

  5. Gadkari when ask about aj tak studio land .that belongs farmers then they
    change their dialog very very kranthi kari chahne

  6. Prasanji what a stupid question? factory kiski hogi? Teri meri to hogi
    nahi, somebody has to invest money in it. Why are you of far leftist view?
    That philosophy is gone long back. Of course your chancel is controlled by
    leftist but that ideology is finished. There must be investors to create
    job. Government of common man can not create jobs.

  7. इस परिचर्चा में ,सुनीता गोदरा ,उनके पति ,और उनकी एक महिला मित्र जिनका नाम
    वीना वालिया (९८७११७३०९१)भी गयी थी.क्या वे किसान है…?सुनीता गोदरा
    ….अन्ना हज़ारे के टीम मेंबर है. अपना एक …हेल्थ इंडिया …नामक गैर सरकारी
    संगठन चलाती है.लोदी रोड के एक बंगले में रहती है.सुखी और सम्पन है ….. अमीर
    बुद्धिजीवी पत्रकार ,१० जनपथ ,और ५ स्टार सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता ………हे
    भगवान ..बड़ा ही खतरनाक कॉम्बिनेशन है .

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