Suicide Bomber Attacks Houthis in Yemen: This Just In

Subscribe to VICE News here: At least 47 people were killed and 75 wounded on Thursday after a suicide bomber detonated himself at a rally in Tahrir Square…


  1. So many typical uneducated fuckwits in this comment section, Muslims are
    more peaceful than most Christians if you don’t take the words in the Quran
    literally. Their are several factions of Islam, I’m Australian and this is
    coming from someone who is stereo typically a racist. People need to
    realise the facts about Islam as a religion. All religions have extremists,
    Just certain religion extremists do more severe things than others.
    How would it feel to be a catholic and constantly harassed for being
    accused of pedophilia and many other things that have happened in the past.

    Put yourself in someone elses position and educate yourself before making a
    fool of yourself and preaching “America Fuck yeah!”

    Most people don’t even understand that being Muslim means being a follower
    of Islam, And they think islam is the good religion and Muslim is the bad.
    Islam is the religion Muslim’s are the followers.

  2. Apparently anything that is done in the name of Islam is the fault of all
    religion, typical low iq athiests crying about religion like always.

  3. good god these ant-muslims not every fucking muslin is part of a terrorist
    attack quit pointing fingers and research for once and not point fingers at
    one person

  4. Muslims at it again everyone go sign the petition that says muslims should
    be declared a terrorist group in the united states already has a quarter
    million signitures 

  5. If there can manage to be peaceful Muslims, than your claim that it’s the
    religion is *WRONG* in ever factual fucking sense. If it were their
    religion, then it would be impossible to be Muslim and *not* murder
    everyone who’s an infidel. Remember when Christians came to this continent
    and slaughtered the Native’s? Then forced their children into school’s and
    forced them to conform to their culture? Oh wait, no one wants to talk
    about the horrible shit that Christianity has done, or you’ll shrug it off
    as if it’s irrelevant, of which it’s not. If you think Islam is the
    problem, then you yourself *are* a problem.

  6. Video: Suicide bombers Explode their shit up in the name of allah
    Comments: blame ALL religions for fear of being called racist if he singles
    out Islam has the Main Shit religion
    Logic: *Facepalm*

  7. But it’s not all Muslims, they’re not violent. The Quran doesn’t call for
    violence it calls for peace, right? Damn man this is so sad, people blowing
    themselves up for no good reason, killing innocent civilians. Islam needs
    evolve man, stop believing texts from 1000s of years ago, it is not the
    truth. Worship the universe and the humans around you. 

  8. Welcome to barbaric middle east. Just wait soon they’ll shift the blame
    towards America and Israel and will forget this ever happened…

  9. مقطع ثالث للعملية الاستشهادية على قطيع الحوثيين الروافض في اليمن من قناة
    اجنبية متع نضرك يا سني 

  10. Ya Allah the mercefulll. Please help my brother in need. also help the non
    believers. And inshallah they will see the true path.


  11. this is a very very strong can really see what one suicide bomber
    can do in a crowded area. Crazy, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;=-(

  12. This is a prime example of the negative effects of religion in general.
    Every religion is a detriment to human life. These antiquated schools of
    thought are barbaric, naive, and embarrassing. We should be above the myths
    and fairy tales of our past given our present knowledge. We should be ages
    beyond our discrimination of others. We as a species are largely more
    advanced than any other life form on this planet, yet we murder our own
    over petty shit and destroy our planet knowingly for personal gain even
    though we know better. When will people realize all we have is one another
    and to respect life? Monetary, racial, religious, gender, sexual, class,
    etc issues are an embarrassment and indication to our immaturity and
    potentially a reason for our future downfall. Grow the fuck up, acknowledge
    the issues and stop fucking believing in magical sky people myths who will
    right all the wrongs for you and forgive you for being a dickhead if you
    say your prayers. Grow the fuck up, get over your irrational prejudices and
    quit condemning and prejudging people before you even gave them chance. As
    I said it all starts with religion. We have an overwhelming amount of
    evidence that implies there is no, never was, or ever will be a god like
    entity in the universe (I don’t say say that 100% definitively as to
    maintain the integrity of the scientific process, but technically the earth
    orbiting the sun (heliocentrism) is still a theory so derive your own
    conclusions from that nomenclature). 

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