Strategic Outlook: United States

Examine how global shifts, national priorities and local trends are changing the socio-economic context in the United States.

· Elaine L. Chao, Secretary of Transportation of the United States
· Kevin McCarthy, Congressman from California (R), 23rd District and Majority Leader, USA

Moderated by
· Gerard Baker, Editor-in-Chief, Wall Street Journal, USA


  1. Not until 50 years later China will be at America it is now. Xi said China is now ready to lead the world in 2016 Davos. That’s a challenge from the emerging power to the ruling power. That’s more like a Alert other than a peace signal.

  2. She should leave Mitch McConnell who supports a xenophobic racist president. How can she align her values with that of a racist. Unbelievable.

  3. In the 'strategic outlook Russia': 3 Russians and one American are interviewed by a British presenter.
    Here in the 'strategic outlook United States': an American moderator interviews his compatriots. That's a joke, right?

  4. I think hiking footwear is some bizarre sign of fealty to President Trump. Leather shoe dress code, eh? Marijuana illegal, eh? Your implicit rules degrade the notion of rules (obvi i’m reading way too much into Mnuchin and McCarthy odd boot concept but it’s funny how I can draw a straight line to legal weed… I think it is funny)

  5. "America is exceptional" – at what?
    Amazon, Facebook, Google, Mircosoft, Apple are exceptional – but at what cost?
    Probably they should listen to Jack Ma's 2018 WEF talk to learn about values and leadership.
    They do not look inside, they only look outside.
    Therefore they can never be wise and will never know what they do not want.

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