Stop Immigration: End the Welfare State

An enforced border only becomes necessary in a free country for two reasons: first, safety; second, the possibility of an influx of people benefitting from public resources without contributing…


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  2. why would the catholic church pay 500 thousand $ a month for 5 months to
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  4. I had to unsubscribe, because the constant sales pitches at the end of
    every video are just too much and I feel undermine your credibility. 

  5. Illegal immigrants have the same motivation as any other immigrants. I
    don’t see how you can make the statement that they will all be living off
    welfare. But why just target illegals? How many black Americans live off
    welfare and commit murders? If you are truly motivated by those concerns
    then you should be addressing the situation right across the board. And
    having a washed up racist black panther on every six months to blame a govt
    conspiracy doesn’t count. Also illegals cannot vote for more welfare.

  6. Atleast the illegals want to work not like the nigger that stays on welfare
    for generation after generation send the spooks to Africa then we’ll have a
    better country 

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  9. Lol How are ‘they’ going to vote for more welfare state and more big
    government? ‘They’ need to be citizens to vote, right? All those children
    will soon grow into adults and reproduce tax paying citizens. They’ll help
    our economy and job market with workers, because there aren’t enough here.
    They aren’t illegal-they’re undocumented. 

  10. Smfh our taxes is giving these fucking illegals 250,000 grand a day fucking
    bullshit those scumbags need to be deported ASAP

  11. Its all about over population in third world countrys , Cut welfare as it
    will happen people will DIE!! as they will it cant be stoped 

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  14. if you stop the welfare state then immigration wont be a problem.
    immigrants aren’t the problem, rather it’s the incentive caused by the
    attractive welfare state.

  15. Don’t let them in dudes!! Those illegals are indeed taking your jobs. I
    know, I’m Mexican. Maybe I shouldnt be saying this but it’s true, save your
    jobs !! Because they’re for you. Get Barack out of there he’s dictating too

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