Still Report #409 Fiorina & Jesse Jackson

I’m Still reporting on politics.
I’m not all in on Donald Trump, but I like him shaking things up. I don’t like his lack of depth on issues. Most of all, I don’t like him continually sniping at other candidates on Twitter. It’s petty and not presidential.
Fix this, Donald, and you are home free. Ignore it and it’s still a jump ball.
That being said, at the conclusion of the “Little Debate” the media lemmings suddenly dubbed Carly Fiorina the undisputed champion.
My wife and I looked at each other and said, “Huh”??? Fiorina did well enough to be a contender, but former Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum did equally well, if not better, but was little mentioned in the post-game analysis.
Fiorina casts herself as a Washington outsider that doesn’t play political games. But is it true?
We liked Fiorina, and she would do well against Hillary on the debate stage, but she did run for U.S. Senate in California in 2010 and lost to Barbara Boxer by a 52 to 42% margin.
Sometime during her 6-year tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard Fiorina was visited by Jesse Jackson.
“He very graciously came to the offices of Hewlett Packard to visit me, because we were doing some work together for his Rainbow Coalition. And he said to me, ‘You know, Carly, every game is better when everybody gets to play.’ “
Source: The American Spectator, 1.22.10, by Philip Klein (as retrieved 8.11.15:
Needless to say, Jackson’s “gets to play” was code for his well-known racial shakedown of American corporations. Did Fiorina “play”? What was Jackson’s price for vaccinating HP against future charges of racism?
In a 2003 speech, Fiorina – right in the middle of her controversial tenure at the head of Hewlett-Packard’, Fiorina said:
“… in the past 40 years, there are very few people who have used their talent along lines of excellence to achieve more things for more people in more places than Reverend Jackson. And we are all better off for his leadership.”
I know something about Jackson. In the early 1980s, an Atlanta banker friend of mine had denied a loan request of Jackson’s — $300,000 to fund ongoing political operations. A furious Jackson stomped into his office the next day and threatened to surround the bank with protestors should the loan not be granted.
My friend told Jackson in no uncertain terms to get out of his bank or he would have him arrested. The protestors never appeared and Jackson never darkened that bank’s door again – a good example of how to effectively deal with a race extortionist.
Jackson ran for President in 1988. At the same time my New York agent was shopping around my exposé book proposal “The Truth About Jesse Jackson”. It didn’t sell. It was still too edgy a topic for the times.
25 years later, Ken Timmerman wrote that book and it became a best seller. Philip Klein in his Jan. 2010 piece in the American Spectator succinctly nailed the Jesse Jackson extortion scam:
“Jackson is a shakedown artist who trumps up charges of racism and then rakes in millions of dollars from corporations who pay him to immunize themselves from such charges.”
The point is that if you don’t speak out against a scam, and the scammers profit from it, it will be replicated.
This is especially pertinent as police in Ferguson, Missouri last night declared another state of emergency as the “only-black-lives-seem-to-matter” movement tries its own version of the racial shakedown – the incitement-to-riot edition.
As the Klein article put it:
“… the only way to handle the likes of Jackson is to ostracize them … so that they can no longer make a handsome living by engaging in racial incitement. The fact that Fiorina, as CEO, felt the need to play the game with Jackson is troubling enough. But it’s still worse that she would boast about it years later … in a way that perpetuates the myth of him as a judge of inclusiveness.”
Fox’s Megyn Kelly – fresh from a weekend beach vacation to cool off from the Trump dustup – was all over live coverage from Ferguson last night. Advice to Fox: publicity is the only fuel for their fire. Let CNN handle it.If I was pushing Carly Fiorina right now – as gunfire once again sizzles thru the night air of Ferguson – I would tell her to keep her head down and hope nobody remembers that she did her part to perpetuate the Jesse Jackson myth.
Everyone makes mistakes, but this was one that Fiorina has made repeatedly – as recently as 5 years ago – one that is having ramifications on the streets of America today.
I’m not smart enough to judge her performance at HP, so the question to me is whether her playing nicey-nice with the Jackson game trumps her ability to effectively counter Hillary.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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