Steve Mnuchin & H.R. Mcmaster White House Press Briefing (8/25/17)

Steve Mnuchin & H.R. Mcmaster on Venezuela & Afghanistan White House Press Briefing (8/25/17)
White House Press Briefing 8/25/17 Gary Cohn Harvey & Venezuela Executive Order
During today’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tangled with some reporters over White House economic advisor Gary Cohn’s tough criticism of President Donald Trump’s response to Cville. It was also reported that Cohn had his resignation letter drafted. ABC News’ Jonathan Karl first asked her about the White House’s thoughts on Cohn’s remarks, pointing out that the advisor had said “that the administration can and must do better condemning groups.” “The president is in regular contact — I won’t get into specific conversations they may have had,” Sanders stated before claiming that Trump was “very outspoken” about condemning…. Karl attempted to follow up, asking Sanders who were “the very fine people on both sides” the president referred to in one of his Cville responses. However, the press secretary said that she was very short on time and moved on to Fox News’ John Roberts. The Fox News reporter attempted to press Sanders on whether the president was aware of the content of Cohn’s interview. However, Sanders responded that there was too much focus on a small part of the interview, Trump and Cohn have spoken many times and she didn’t think anyone was surprised by Cohn’s remarks. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was briefly asked during today’s press briefing about Gary Cohn‘s criticisms about the White House needing to “do better” in condemning white nat .. ionali .. sts.
Cohn spoke to the Financial Times and voiced his “distress” over Cville and how “citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white sup.. –rem… acists ne and the K.. K.” A separate report says he had come “close” to resigning. During the briefing today, Mnuchin said as far as he’s concerned, “there’s no question that the President was not equating the hate groups with” peaceful protesters. “Under no circumstances was I gonna resign,” he continued. “Gary and I have known each other for 20 years. I can tell you, I’m speaking to him every day, his number one focus is absolutely working on tax reform with me… Gary’s committed to be here and couldn’t be more excited about that.”

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