Steamy Sex Photos On Facebook Exposes Cheating Husband (Pictures Included)

“New Zealand: the home of Hobbits, teens putting their butts on electric fences, and extramarital affairs occurring in front of windows, where patrons at a bar across the street feel obligated…


  1. Come on…I hate fox, but you can’t say allowing access to an important
    video is bad then show pictures of a random person cheating.

  2. TYT and their retarded fans logic ;

    Cop video tapes people having sex in public = disgusting, hate filled rants
    at the cop

    Guy takes pics of people having sex through window, post on social media =
    hilarious!!! The guy is a hero

    Daily reminder liberalism is a mental disorder. 

  3. If you have a girlfriend or wife, why would you need to have sex (sleep
    with) with someone else? Obviously the guy isn’t really in love with his
    wife and wants to leave her. Why else would he cheat on his wife by
    sleeping with his mistress if he really loved her? No wonder why women
    always have their guard up. These guys makes us normal guys who are a
    gentlemen look bad. No wonder why women always have their guard up.

  4. ladies and gentlemen, if you have to cheat, please leave your current
    partners so nobody gets hurt. it’s really that easy to be honest.

  5. Great job reporting on this extremely important news TYT. Keep up the
    AMAZING work. Seriously. You guys are reporting on all the news that people
    need to hear. There is nothing else that could possibly be more important
    or interesting than this.

  6. TYT is always talking about how violating peoples privacy is horrible, and
    yet they post two people having sex on their channel without their
    consent. I get that the guy was cheating but that doesn’t mean its any less
    of a violation then showing the Jennifer Lawrence nude pictures

  7. I’m not even here to watch the video because I couldn’t give a fuck. I
    didn’t watch it but felt a little compelled to comment about video titles
    like this. Why should anyone care about this? Enlighten me folks.

  8. Wow! I’m from NZ but I never hear about that fact they were cheating.
    The insurance company is linked with the EQC (EarthQuake Commission) which
    is managing the insurance payouts from the massive series of earthquakes
    that munted Christchurch, our second largest city.
    That’s what made it newsworthy here. Everybody loves to hate the EQC.
    Most of the public discussion and news reporting has centered around
    whether or not privacy laws can be used to prosecute people who put up
    intimate videos of you. Turns out you have no reasonable expectation of
    privacy when you have sex in an office across the street from a popular bar
    and everybody can see you.
    I don’t like people putting up videos like this, especially if they are
    just trying to get some internet/social media fame, i.e. getting lots of
    views and likes.
    But now hearing that they were cheating, I have zero sympathy for them!

  9. Goddammit TYT, at least stay consistent on this whole leaked images
    business. This incessant cherry picking of “good” and “bad” online leaks is
    really starting to irritate me.
    Whenever a leaked picture seems to fit with whatever self righteous moral
    judgement you guys have, it seems you make little effort to think before
    posting it for the world to see, and then go on making excuses for why it’s
    okay just this one time.

    At the same time, you aggressively oppose the very same nature of pictures
    if they are taken in a situation that you may sympathize with.

    In other words, it seems like lately, regardless of the situation depicted
    a leaked picture, if you can see yourself being the one to take it, you
    don’t hesitate to show it to the world, but if you see yourself as the one
    *in* the picture, it’s suddenly the most abhorrent, offensive, and vile
    thing in the world.

  10. TYT scumbaggery, why the fuck are you talking about these people, I’m from
    Christchurch and literally no one here gives a fuck about that. You are a
    disgrace, you are effectively the E channel, I hope you know that.

  11. Love it! This is so kiwi. Also Christchurch isn’t in the best shape at the
    moment, there aren’t many high rise buildings like that left. He really
    must have wanted to be caught.

  12. major earth quake kills over 100 people in New Zealand not one word said
    dude caught cheating on his wife and its a big deal

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