Sorry Republicans, But Donald Trump Has Not Made The Economy Great Again

Republicans are bragging endlessly about the “fact” that Trump is creating jobs, the stock market is booming, and the overall economic health of the U.S. is better than ever. Unfortunately, none of that is true. Job creation is actually slowing compared to last year, most Americans see no benefit from stock market gains, and more and more Americans are having to work at least 2 jobs just to make ends meet. That’s not what a booming economy looks like. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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If you listen to Donald Trump saying anything positive about his administration or Republicans trying to defend Donald Trump and saying that he’s doing a good job, they will ultimately point to indicators like the allegedly booming economy. They say that, “Look, we’re creating jobs! The economy’s better.” Of course, they give Barack Obama no credit for more than 80 consecutive months of job growth in the United States. That wasn’t him. That was private industry. Even though we’re still currently operating under Barack Obama’s budget, which does not expire until September, Trump gets all the credit for the fact that companies are still creating jobs.

But here’s the thing. We are not creating as many jobs this year as we created last year. Things were better then. Job growth is technically slowing. While it is growing, it’s not growing at the same rate at which it was. Furthermore, because it’s still growing the unemployment rate, yes, is falling, and it’s approaching what economists call, “Near-full Employment.” That doesn’t mean everybody is doing better.

Another indicator that republicans like to point to is the fact that the stock market is absolutely booming, reaching record highs. As it turns out, the majority of Americans in this country have absolutely no stake in the stock market whatsoever, so more than half of this country sees no benefit from that at all. In fact, the only thing that stock market booming actually means is that corporations are expecting higher profits. That’s it. That’s all that means, folks.

Let’s go back to the employment issue, because there’s a very important statistic that came out this week that Republicans actually need to be aware of. When we talk about the fact that we’re creating jobs and more Americans are working, blah, blah, blah, we’re not talking about wages and we’re certainly not talking about the fact that according to new reports, 7.6 million Americans are having to work more than one job just to make ends meet. That is up 2% from what it was this time last year.

So, yeah, more people are working, but more people are also having to work more jobs because they can’t afford things like medical care or groceries or cars, appliances, things like that. The economy is not getting better for the majority of people in this country. If you’re in the top 1%, yeah, you’re probably seeing a hell of a great year in financial gains, but the rest of us are not. When you have more and more people having to work two jobs, sometimes even three jobs just to get by, then there is something wrong with your economy, there is something wrong with your economic system.

The Trump family, the Trump administration, and the Trump supporters, they don’t see that part. They just look at it as, “Wow, great! People aren’t being lazy!” I have news for you. People are not poor in the United States because they’re lazy. Yeah, I’m sure you can probably find a couple, okay? There’s always an exception that proves the rule. The majority of people out there, those working minimum wage jobs, still working 40 hours a week for minimum wage, not able to make ends meet, it’s not because they’re lazy. It’s because they’re being held down.

In fact, most of those Trump supporters fall into those categories, people having to work more than one job, people working minimum wage jobs, unable to afford their healthcare. Unable to afford to go make their car repairs that they need. Yet, they don’t see the reality in which they live.

The economy is not better, folks. If you’re rich, yeah, you’re doing great. You always have and you always will. But for the rest of this country, regardless of what Donald Trump says, the statistics prove things are actually getting worse for us.


  1. Doesn't overwork contribute to declining birthrates? Add that to uber high prices and inability to pay for medical care you Americans may follow Japan into some really bad shit population wise down the road.

  2. I love watching TYT and ROF You Tube videos for their content but with Farron Cousins presenting I feel like I'm being angrily shouted at and that makes me feel uncomfortable. I'd become a subscriber of ROF if Farron talked to me rather than being angry with me. I know he isn't angry with me personally but that's how he makes me feel and that's why I'm not a subscriber.

  3. Wtf??? Are telling us we should expect a fucking economic crash in October????? That's bull shit my birthday is in October!! Couldn't it be November!?!?!?!? I don't give a fuck about November!!!

  4. The problems facing the US are systemic. They are also decades old. This administration is going to exacerbate the problems inherent to the neoliberal system. Ironically, Trump was in large part elected to break up the system. As was Obama. It'll be interesting to see how the neoliberal system will protect itself when social tension becomes too strong, as a reaction to inequality, poverty, environmental destruction etc. Unless progressive changes are made, authoritarianism is a likely scenario.

  5. On a somewhat related note:

    There have been ads running on the radio in my area from a pro-banking group asking that we "call your representatives and tell them to pass common sense reforms so that banks can start lending again". In other words they want to eliminate the regulations put in place after the 08 crash so they can start that cycle all over again.

  6. Trump is just a con artist. Always has been always will be. Those that support him because they think he is a leader that is there for them will be very disappointed when he goes down and realize it wasnt fake news and he wasnt Jesus after all. That he was just a con artist playing them like a fiddle.

  7. This is what happens when you have Bannons hand up your ass. You're forced to try and destroy the Legacy of the first black president. Sad. Make your own legacy haters.

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