Sorry Gary, You’ve Lost Our Respect

“Actor Gary Oldman is more conservative, politically speaking, than most other people in Hollywood, and in a new interview with Playboy, he goes off on the political correctness that torpedoed…


  1. Really? Despite all the fantastic work he’s done throughout his career, you
    pull a headline like “Sorry Gary, You’ve Lost Our Respect” because he
    decided to speak his mind in a fashion you dislike? This kind of shit is
    exactly what he’s talking about. 

  2. People on the internet are such contrarians. These comments are just
    unbelievable. Apparently offending people buy calling them cunts, fags,
    niggers, whatever, is cool now. Oh you guys are so hip when you condescend
    the mainstream. Also people will just about do anything to defend some
    celebrity just because they fucking like them. Just because someone is a
    good actor doesn’t mean they’re not a fucking idiot. You guys in the
    comments are such sycophants.

  3. Go ahead and make racist, offensive, and insensitive jokes if you think
    they’re funny. The adults will continue to run the world while you play
    around in your own piss and you bitch and moan about how the global jewish
    conspiracy is why you’re not a winner.

    As for A-list actors making racist jokes…well they never learned to grow
    up anyway, that’s why they’re actors (and they live a lifestyle that
    affords them the luxury of never growing up). And if I have learned
    anything living in the USA, it is that when you are rich and famous you
    feel like you can do whatever you want and you often can.

  4. I would agree with him about the jokes but Mel Gibson didn’t make jokes. He
    said some horrible hateful things out of anger. He wasnt having a laugh. PC
    has gone too far when you a drag queen (Ru Paul) is forced to apologize or
    change his show because transsexuals have a problem with the world tranny.
    I mean what next? Will we have to burn every DVD of “Queer as folk”,
    because some gays find that word offensive

  5. Gary Oldman goes on bewilderingly stupid rant
    Sorry Gary, You’ve Lost Our Respect

    Watch to the end before making up your mind here. Some points are less
    ambiguous than others. The points about “political correctness” have *some*
    worth to them. His confusing the opposing of creationism in science
    classrooms as being a form of political correctness is *not* ambiguous.
    That part is just infuriating.

    I am ok with celebrities having different opinions than me. Obviously. It
    is not their job to be sources of social wisdom, however this is all still
    very disappointing.

    I am also not a fan of all the people who use accusations of “political
    correctness” in order to … ironically enough… shut down speech that
    they do not like. Someone says you are being an asshole? Well you must not
    need to reflect on that, just accuse them of being “politically correct”. 

  6. Ah yes, ‘political correctness’ also known as ‘actual correctness.’

    Funny how anti-political-correctness-champions demand everyone else put up
    with their racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic/whatever bullshit, but then
    whine and bitch and cry when people react to it. Welcome to the wonderful
    double-standard world of bigot’s privilege.

  7. “Political correctness” is a term that privileged people use to blame
    others for their own bigoted statements and actions. People have a right to
    be offended, and if you don’t like it… just stop being so sensitive, like
    you tell everyone else.

  8. There is nothing wrong with political correctness as long as it doesn’t
    restrict my ability to make points with precision and detail. The moment it
    does, I reject it.

    Luckily, we aren’t near that degree of correctness. It is very easy to
    avoid offending people.

  9. What the hell are the anti-PC people here getting so riled up about? They
    diss TYT when Cenk and Ana have made it clear that political
    correctness has the potential to get out of hand. Then, some people here
    bring up Oldman’s right to say what he wants. Well, I haven’t heard anyone
    say that Oldman should be sentenced to jail or to death for expressing
    himself. Seriously, what is their damage? 

  10. OK, yeah, Oldman lost me as soon as he thought it was normal for schools to
    just step over the first amendment and teach religion as fact in schools.
    On his larger point that political correctness has run amok, this is true,
    but on the specifics, he’s a total idiot. It’s not political correctness
    for schools to adhere to the first amendment. It’s called following the law
    so your ass doesn’t get sued.

  11. It’s not “politically correct” to not be a prick. Of course, he doesn’t
    want to admit he’s a prick, so he accuses anyone who finds fault with him
    of imposing a “political” perspective.

  12. Oh dear goodness. I get that political correctness is annoying when it’s
    used and enforced in an overbearing fashion. But c’mon man. There is a
    reason why political correctness exists. You can’t just go around offending
    people and expect to be treated with respect after doing so.

  13. Political Correctness started in a think tank in Germany in 1923, it was
    going to be called the institute of Marxism, but in order to hide it’s
    Marxist roots it became known as the institute of Social Research. The
    purpose was to come up with a solution to the biggest problem facing the
    implementers of communism in Russia. Why wasn’t communism spreading?
    Because Western Civilization was in it’s way, with it’s belief in the
    individual, and that individuals could develop valid ideas. .

    At the root of communism was the theory that all valid ideas come from the
    effect of the social group of the masses. The individual is nothing, and
    they believe that the only way for communism to advance was to help Western
    Civilization to destroy itself by undermining its foundation by chipping
    away at the rights of those annoying individuals. One way to do that?
    Change their speech and thought pattern by spreading the idea that
    vocalising your belief is disrespectful to others and must be avoided to
    make up for past inequities and injustices. Than use this to stifle any
    discussion which might show up the lack of common sense in their ideology,
    and call it something that sounds positive “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS”

    That is how “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” came about and why it is the tool of
    the far left in politics. When Hitler took power in 1933 of Germany, the
    institute comprised mostly of Jews went to the USA. …

    The origins of “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” by Bill Lind


  14. This is awesome. So many conservatives coming to TYT and flooding the
    comments… you can tell TYT are doing something right and reaching a
    larger audience. Welcome to you all. :)

  15. look at all the douchebag libertarians and right wingers popping boners
    over this interview. They ALWAYS think minorities are just PC commies who
    need to stay in their place and not call people out for using bigoted
    slurs. Whenever white people call minorities ethnic slurs, it’s never a big
    deal…just political correctness…sure, Gary.

  16. I agree with Gary oldman its like whatever you say may offend someone even
    if its not offensive. I hate this whole political correctness because it
    feels like people always have to censor what they say, because somebody
    might get upset over it. Just like many people are upset with Gary’s

  17. Political correctness is getting ridiculous. When we’re analyzing what
    someone may have said in anger, things have gone too far. Which of you have
    never said something you later regretted? That’s right, none of you. But
    who cares, logic don’t real only feels amirite? 

  18. Conservatives are always looking to blur the lines, play a titt for tatt
    that makes sense only to them. Truth is a rock and a right nuts version of
    truth is clay. Fuck Oldman he is a idiot you don’t get a free pass when you
    proclaim we all are like you. Its about empathy & to many lack it

  19. TYT’s position was very reasonable here. They defended free speech and
    pushed back against extreme political correctness, but acknowledged many of
    Gibson’s remarks were over-the-line. And Oldman wants religious
    indoctrination in schools, which is where Cenk he said he lost his respect
    for him. Why so many thumbs down?

  20. i always feel like when someone famous comes out and tries to make a fine
    line point about a social issue… i think in my head as i’m reading… yup
    yup youre pretty much right, and then they come out and some something so
    over the top they become full on bigots. is there no one in the middle
    ground on this? 

  21. TYT is promoting what here? Everyone being held accountable for every word
    they’ve ever spoken in public OR private? I’ve never seen them go all crazy
    over or “lose respect” for anyone who says the word Retard which is really
    hurtful so yeh, TYT can pick and choose all day long who’s right and who’s
    wrong………please. Lets she Ana and/or Cynk strap a recorder on
    themselves for 24 hour surveillance of their political correctness levels,
    I’m pretty confident they would fail and “lose the respect” of us all.

  22. Cenk, it isn’t ok to call Nancy Pelosi a cunt. If you hate her, that’s
    fine, but it has nothing to do with her gender. If you make it about her
    gender (cunt, bitch, etc) then you are just being a sexist piece of shit.

  23. maybe mel gibson was, like, angry?

    and he was saying offensive things to attack the person who was making him

    TYT can go fuck themselves.

  24. Gary old man is a dick. And this is my first time hearing that Mel Gibson
    tape. The guy is such a douchebag! I can’t believe how he was talking to
    his wife and calling the other chick a “wetback”, c’mon man, really? 

  25. Funny TYT. You guys proved Gary Oldman’s point. Instead of people having
    the freedom of speech and expression, you guys lord over some hackeneyed
    sense of morality on them if they break some ‘code of political correctness
    conduct’ and blacklist them as terrible human beings.

    Gary Oldman is ABSOLUTELY right. Political Correctness is running rampant
    in today’s ‘gotcha’ journalism in traditional media AND social media where
    everyone is playing wannabe-TMZ in trying to catch people off guard
    especially when they utter anything even remotely un-PC.

    This is good old fashioned cultural marxism. And the funny thing is, I
    don’t even agree with everything Oldman says, as far as his specific
    beliefs go. But this witch hunting attitude proves his central point.

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