Sony Pictures hacked by North Korea over Seth Rogen movie, The Interview

North Korea apparently has internet access and they’re using it to take revenge on Sony Pictures. Late last month Sony Pictures sprung a huge leak of internal data on a scale that almost…


  1. Not that I support north korea or anything,but you’re asking for trouble
    making a movie about killing a country leader.if it was about killing
    obama,US would have invaded by now 

  2. Emphasis on “probably”. No. More anti-DPRK propaganda. Just because they
    are the last bastion of the second world, they’re constantly harassed by
    the imperialists. 

  3. North Korea ripped Sony a new asshole.. That goes well for corporate
    western douchebags that think they can exploit anything for their own
    financial gains. The damage of their reputation with actors and movie
    industry folks that’s been caused is bigger than the gains they’ll get out
    of this movie. N. Korea 1 – 0 Sony.

  4. WTF! Do they even have internet connections? I bet if they didn’t it would
    be like 1MB/s… Blame every shit on NK. No im not NK side but it seems the
    news is like propagande like NK itself!

  5. if i cared any less i’d be dead…
    a company with the finances of sony pictures should have enough money for
    descent security…

  6. You don’t go around discriminating people, you won’t have bad things happen
    to you. I’m a North Korean spy

  7. I get the point of Sony asking for trouble making this movie; but, doesn’t
    he and his dead father Kim Jong-Il deserve it. They constantly
    produce North Korean propaganda showing the destruction and murder of U.S.
    citizens, government leaders, major cities, and Washington D.C. Although
    Kim Jong Un was forced by his father to lead their shitty country, the best
    thing to do is to simply free their people, no arguments about that…

  8. Well the same iidiots that did this can also break into U.S. infrastructure
    and shut down electric plants, stock exchange, vital systems. So you really
    should actually give a chit!!! Of course it won’t matter to most until they
    can’t use their all powerful i6 with all the selfies the planet needs to

  9. fuck sony and all the crappy movies they put out it is no wonder people
    rather download a crappy movies instead of paying for them

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