Some 700 migrants feared dead off Libyan coast

As many as 700 migrants are feared dead after their boat capsized 70 miles from the Libyan coast, prompting leaders to call for emergency talks to discuss the immigration crisis. Jillian Kitchener…


  1. This is an illegal invasion that is destroying Europe!
    Have guard towers with multiple, Dillon Aero M-134D at every post.
    Also use 30mm Gatling guns with explosive rounds.
    Heavily mine the border.
    All that charge the fence dies!
    All that make it, shoot them again!
    Shell their staging and camping area.
    Illegal boats, make them turn around.
    If they refuse, blow them out of the water and send them to the bottom!
    Secure the border!
    Round up all the illegals and deport them.
    Either leave or die!
    Give illegals the ultimate FUCK OFF message and secure the European nations!
    They can fix their own fucked up country instead of fucking up someone

  2. *HealthMap Increasing Disease surveillance for growing Libyan Refugee
    Crisis* … Italy will have Same Health Problems as the U.S. with the
    Wave/Flood of iLLegal Immigrants !!! *Refugee Camps Spread
    Life-Threatening Diseases* …Refugee camps along the Turkish-Syrian border
    also have recently reported cases of cholera and malaria. Experts say these
    infections – along with measles, meningitis and a host of other bacterial,
    viral and parasitic diseases – all have the potential to become deadly
    epidemics in crowded camps, where poor sanitary conditions are commonplace,
    and daily meals and safe drinking water can be hard to come by….

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