Smoke and Stones: Clashes rock Jerusalem at Friday prayers

The Old City of Jerusalem saw clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli security forces on Friday, as prayers were taking place at a Muslim holy site. West Bank city of Hebron also witnessed…


  1. Just Air strike the Mosque when they all are in it praying for their PHEDO
    God …I want to see them MuzziRats running like a Bitch Crying (Allah hu

  2. hahahaha how long will this new crusader kingdom last? not much long now,
    Saladin should have finished those cross worshipers off but nooo, however
    the new mujahideen won’t make the same mistake as him with this crusader

  3. Zionist kiddy butchers at it again… still scared of a few kids with just
    a handful of stones i see… pathetic… they shoukd leave Palestine for

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