SLAM DUNK! Ben Carson Just Stunned Everyone With A Massive Announcement About Welfare

SLAM DUNK! Ben Carson Just Stunned Everyone With A Massive Announcement About Welfare
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  1. To hell with lying "Whoopi." She rushed Dr. Carson along, saying, "We need to wrap this up," and then like the fat, greedy hog she resembles, SHE TAKES THE LAST WORD. She's a disgusting, witless waste of space — LOTS of space.

  2. If that were not Ben Carson saying those words…but a highly intelligent white person instead, NOBODY at that table would have been receptive or agreeable at all! They all…(with the exception of that token white chick sitting among them, perhaps) would have thrown a big ass hissie fit , calling that white person a racist, ignorant, discriminatory ….and many other derogatory racial names and slurs. But because Carson is indeed black, they all listened to what he had to say and wished they had said it themselves.
    Left-wing wacko black people are so damn racist it's disgusting !

  3. For the ignorant out there, do your research and you will find there is more caucasians on welfare than minorities.

  4. Stupid ass "The View" list Dr Ben Carson as Political Pundit? Hey dumbshit at ABC, he is Secretary of Housing and Urban Developent. Give the man some respect, his pinky finger is more intelligent than the cumulative brain power of that panel.

  5. Obama's inundating the U.S.A. with Muslim countries like Somali that are getting TWENTY THOUSAND TO BEGIN LIFE IN AMERICA…. PLUS…. free housing, free medical and likely WELFARE FOR LIFE!!! They can't speak English nor integrate.
    PLEASE ADDRESS THAT Ben Carson & President Trump. SEND THEM BACK.

  6. yeeeeeees. nobody has offered good jobs through welfair so these good paying jobs would probably want to work. but just cutting welfare with no outlets does nothing so im glad hes offering jobs as an alternative to just cutting them off

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