Secret video of ISIS smuggled out of Iraq

A man who fled from Mosul, Iraq, shows Arwa Damon video that provides a glimpse into how ISIS is winning over people.


  1. Playing on Nationalism is a smart move, except wherever ISIS goes it will
    have ‘justification’ to create atrocities – and there will be Islamic
    Federalists who see this ISIS State as something more natural than Iraq
    (which I think is a Western Colonialist construct?).
    I just get the feeling that the Radical Islamic State is a panacea in a lot
    of people’s minds, and that they need to experience the reality of it in
    order to stop feeling oppressed by the West. Just as the Egyptians voted in
    the Muslim Brothehood and then a year or so later they were back in Tahrir
    Square demanding its expulsion.
    Either way this works out, it is going to be horrific.

  2. I see America is still trying to put across the idea that their terrorists
    are freedom fighter’s by blaming Malikai. rather than the heart eating
    butchers they have been funding in Syria 

  3. The reality is ISIS fighter is seen as hero by the people, they don’t care
    of their small number of 300 facing 40,000, this is a sign of faith in

  4. To the guy below me, fuck you. We republicans did not withdraw from Iraq,
    you libetards did. How could you guys not realize that pulling out of Iraq
    without regard of the aftermath was a smart thing to do? You think when we
    withdraw from Middle East, these terrorists will just leave us alone? Don’t
    blame others, blame yourself. Your Obummer failed the world.

  5. Are taking pictures not haram according to Islam? Ahh you need to make
    propaganda and here haram is not needed. Stupid bunch of criminals. I think
    the president of Iraq did this because he did not bring justice everywhere
    in Iraq after USA left Iraq.

  6. what a load of call them terrorist,as an irish catholic i call
    them freedom fighters,i would trust them more than racist cnn or fox
    news,you retards will always be tricked by your overlords,thank god i live
    in ireland and not brain washed america and england

  7. I can’t wait until the real identity behind this group comes to light. At
    some point America has to wake up and take a look around and be honest with

  8. they use modern weapons in order to establish a barbaric life style of the
    middle ages, according to their crazy religion.
    islam should receive the same status of nazism and be banned from the
    planet before it is too late.

  9. while the rest of the planet is enjoying life & world cup soccer – the
    muslim world is destroying itself in an orgy of hate and violence – IF you
    can get out of islam….
    do it now,, for your own sanity

  10. Why are there so many stupid people?! In the comments, in ISIS, in the
    comments, in CNN, in the comments everywhere. Earth is just a world of
    idiots…for the most part

  11. And the people who plotted this mess, Bush, Cheney and the rest, get off
    scot free. Not only that but now their opinions are now being sought by
    organisations like CNN that pay them to publicise their apologetics while
    attacking the withdrawal of US forces, in effect pushing the Republican
    political agenda.

    The entire exercise shows the truly despicable nature of the American
    empire and its rulers.

  12. What will happen if Malki go? you really think malki is the problem? who
    will STOP ISIL? Obama? obama dont even want to send airstrikes..The Saudis?
    The Saudis will behead you just because you are watching CNN..Look at the
    ISIL Fighters…they are not iraqis..they are

  13. CNN = LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES, why is this channel lying…..i swear in
    the name of God, I will kill a CNN reporter one day fckn liers!!

  14. Clusterbomb those Sunni rat bastards with napalm. Give the Kurds nukes.
    Send George W. Bush to fight them in hand to hand combat.

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