Secret Socity of Pedafiles Ignored By FBI CIA NSA Local Police


  1. Freddie, why are u still in New Orleans? Not many other cities can top it's wickedness!!

    Wise as serpents- gentle as doves-
    Wise is to get your loved ones out now!! Our Father (Jesus) will "divide" those that " divide" his Israel. The US just backstabbed Israel at the UN- 1st time ever!

    Everything in the spiritual has a physical- how will the US be divided? The new Madrid fault line! The nincompoops have filled the salt caverns with solvents and other flammable gasses for storage there in New Orleans area- One match- one tiny spark…Last earthquake on the new Madrid fault had the Mississippi River flowing backwards 3 days!! Get it? New Orleans all the way up to Chicago!! That other wicked city!

    So there are 2 gods in the Bible right? Satan tempted Jesus with all the kingdoms of the earth remember? That little g-o-d rules this world. What is a the one sin that our Savior , Jesus said that one would NEVER STAND before HIM ? Sin unto a child! Pedophiles is the sin that allows people to sell there souls to the yucky g-o-d of this world. Sealed by the devil!
    Please be careful.

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