SCOTUS Ruling, GM Recall, Tropical Storm Arthur, Bank Fined, Elton John | TYT140 (July 1, 2014)

TYT140 – A Lot of News in a Little Time Top stories for July 1, 2014: – 5 questions from the big ruling on Obamacare and contraception (full story here: – GM to Recall…


  1. the tropical storm is a result of global cooling as predicted by the mayans
    in 166 b.c., i know this because alex jones told us all the truth. open
    your ears sheeple!

  2. I don’t know what his name is, but I’ll tell something curious, which is
    not related to the video. Some time ago I was outraged about the
    anti-Russian stance TYT was taking, following the annexation of Crimea
    (which was inhabited by an ethnic Russian majority, by the way)… but ok,
    I unsubscribed TYT, but I continued to watch some of its videos… many of
    them of RT (not that I’m a fan of RT… I watch RT as I watch France24 or
    BBC, so on, certainly not CNN). And as I watched those I watched the
    comments… a lot of anti-Semitism and a lot of anti-Russian sentiment (it
    smells pre-WW2 Nazism to me)… so, I started to count. As I started to
    count and I publicized it, those type of comments dropped. As tiny as I am,
    I still have an influence 😉 This time it was in a good way! But remember,
    Cenk! Whenever you wave the flag of WW3, that’s the most nasty influence
    you may trigger! I think it’s in the Washington Holocaust Museum that it’s
    written: Beware of what you say!

  3. I love TYT but this segment with Dave Rubin isn’t funny. Whoever is writing
    this material has to step their game up… I watch pretty much all the TYT
    clips everyday but I gotta say the “TYT 140” jokes are weak and most of the
    info I’ve heard elsewhere. Jimmy Dore in my opinion would be a much
    funnier host

  4. ok TYT.. i love you guys but this fake daily show stuff isn’t working.. i
    gave it a few weeks and it’s just not funny.. or maybe rubin just doesn’t
    have the right cadence..

  5. jesus was about all about love but most of his followers are about using
    his name to justify their hate 

  6. GM should of went bankrupt and renegotiated contracts but instead puppet
    Obama fucked us all and promoted corporatism

  7. Who did the “Jesus has great abs” joke about 20 years ago? Was Ted
    Alexandro the first? There’s a Dr. Katz clip on YouTube of it.

  8. I dont get how gm can have vehicles they knew were faulty, 13 people died
    and no one goes to jail…Sure they have to pay the families money but, wtf
    no arrests? they fired people obviously they knew some of the ones
    responsible. American justice at it’s best.

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