Scientology exposed: HBO doc ‘Going Clear’ sheds light on the Church’s secret, cult-like rituals

A controversial HBO documentary by Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney that aired on Sunday unveiled numerous shocking allegations about The Church of Scientology and its cult-like traditions…


  1. Didn’t Anonymous already unveil all there is to know about the Co$, like,
    you know….. nearly 10 fuckin years ago?

  2. The church does not represent anything closely related to science. Their
    leader made up all these bullshit theories & idealogy and people actually
    believe in that pile of shit. They should change their current name to
    Fictiontology, cus this shit ain’t real.

  3. WTF is this another religion that justifies Slavery and violence toward the
    Proletariat???? What’s next a religion based on the force from Star

  4. The beatings they got aren’t nearly as bad as what I got growing up. These
    people are pussy. They should be grateful to be a part of something greater
    than themselves. 

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