School Argues Low IQ Girl Won’t Remember Sexual Assault

An expert hired by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) argued in court that a 9-year-old girl seeking damages after she was sexually assaulted would be protected from emotional…


  1. Why are 70% of the videos on this channel irrelevant stories now like frat
    kids throwing dildos at people? Almost every video contains the words
    “rape” or “sexual assault”. WE FUCKING GET IT. Enough, have some diversity.
    I cant remember the last time i saw a story that wasnt about rape or
    ferguson. This is a political channel, get back to actual politics and real

  2. And some people say there is no rape culture. lol Two perfect examples just
    today. First the crap with frat boys at a college harassing and mocking
    people for rallying against sexual assault and now a school trying to
    minimize the effect of sexual assault on a kid. And I see examples like
    this everyday all across the country…. But there is no rape culture. lol
    Yeah right.

  3. Que everyone crying about feminists some how in a story not related to
    feminism. Cuz every time there is a story about rape or sexual assault some
    wise guy thinks hes clever by going “herr herr women don’t care about men
    being raped. Here let me quote suicide rates for men see how oppressed we

    Funny how the people who hate feminists sound so much like feminists

  4. I love the language policing by Ben right at the onset of this video.

    “Normal” is now a bad word and can never be used because it is abelist?

    The Marxism is getting out of hand on this channel. Soon they will just
    have to call them selves The Turks otherwise they will be ageist.

    Fucking pathetic.

  5. This is what happens when you put men in positions of power. MRAs are
    trying to brainwash society into thinking that rape and pedophilia is ok,
    They are dangerous predators, and will stop at nothing to harm our young
    girls. #BanAllMen 

  6. I imagine some people in the comments will defend this boy who’s frequently
    sexually assault a 9-year old girl with learning difficulties. I hope I’m

  7. So if people forget it… it doesn’t matter.

    So if I rob someone. Then cause them permanent brain damage. I get off
    free! LOGIC FTW!!!

    Also I don’t believe the Jury can decide the CONTENT of a verdict. Just the
    verdict itself. That’s the Judge’s job.

    “Mr. Falony has been brought up on charges of speeding.”


    “The jury is unanimous, escort Mr Falony to the electric chair. Next case!”

  8. Not surprised Cali is pretty bad and faults on sexual assault issues.

    Daily reminder that anal is the key to the center of the universe. 

  9. Worth saying, but… A friend of mine who is studying psychology believes
    the link between intelligence and depression goes the other way.

    The more you think about things, the more you realize just how debased and
    shitty and unfair the world is, meaning thinking too much leads to

  10. There is a downsydrome girl in my family and she gets fuck depressed if you
    dont let her have a beer, she would probably kill herself if she gets

  11. And , this is why professional therapists are MORE FUCKED UP THAN “normal”
    people!!! Thanks, Dr. Katz! He should gets his license revoked!!!!! P.S.
    The female reading the promptor is kinda of a ditz. What happened to Ana?
    She’s not the brightest, but much better than this one. 

  12. Odd how when it’s a female teacher raping/sexually assaulting an underag
    boy, the punishment is almost non existant…..and it’s odd how women will
    defend the teacher by saying he liked it. Last i checked, women/girls like
    sex too. So women like sex….men like sex………but we only
    condemn/punish men severely and let women off because…………..???
    Hey TYT, why is it that you only search for and report on stories that
    villify men and boys? Kind of tired of you idiots avoiding the wrongs
    that women perpetrate. TYT ideology……men=bad……women=innocent,
    helpless, little angels.

  13. Three types of TYT stories: Rape/sexual assault, Police kill innocent young
    black boy who did nothing wrong, and Fox news reacts to [insert topic

  14. I am guessing he is the one with a low IQ if he believes that.
    I strongly stand my ground on my words-the only people who blame victims,
    think rape is not a serious enough crime, make rape jokes or say ”he must
    have liked it, he is a man” either HAVE raped or WOULD rape. That is the
    only way a person with a brain could possibly simply not understand what
    rape is and what it does to people and how the only blame is on the person
    WHO RAPES not the victim.

    A 9-year-old girl was repeatedly raped and the best he can come up with is
    ”she is not as developed as her peers so she won’t be hurt as much”???
    How the hell can that douche call himself ”an expert” if he doesn’t know
    what rape does to children? It leaves marks, big, huge fucking marks, it
    often breaks them for the whole life. It doesn’t matter how intellectually
    developed she is, she is a child and she was hurt, repeatedly. And an
    ”expert” said it was ok, because she will probably get over it easier.
    Fuck you, douchebag, fuck you SO HARD you don’t remember your own name. 

  15. So the school has to pay 1.2 million? I’m all for cracking down on them and
    making sure they regulate against sexual assault much more diligently
    but… now the budget will be cut, they won’t be able to get text books for
    kids, they’ll have to fire the most qualified teachers for more
    sub-standard ones that take less pay, budgets will be cut from science
    labs, etc. Everybody suffers because of this knee-jerk reaction from the
    jury who just *had* to show how deeply they cared for this girl (in the
    form of monetary crucifixion).

  16. *Hey TYT, why don’t you do any stories on Gilbert Collar ? He was a white
    UNARMED guy who was shot and killed by a black police officer. Why aren’t
    you guys and the mainstream media doing any stories on that? Oh yeah, you
    guys are just fucking race baiters who try to perpetuate racism. Fuck you

  17. As usual, TYT handled this subject perfectly. It’s too bad that only
    liberal sites like TYT can commentate on stories in a way that 90% of
    America thinks. But right wing sites are always lying and tricking
    Liberalism is the only correct way to live. republicans are poison. 

  18. Bullshit. It’s actually the complete opposite; intelligent people are more
    prone to depression than unintelligent ones. Unintelligent people have the
    luxury of ignorance; intelligent people have the burden of knowing.

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