Sandusky’s Wife: Jerry’s Victims Just Wanted To Cash In

“It was long after former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky had been arrested, tried and convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys before his wi…


  1. Well in a way she has to try and convince herself of his innocence,
    otherwise she has to live with the fact that she’s spend most of her
    adult life with a phedophile fuck.

  2. My husband used to frolic with those youngsters. He was such a good man.
    Theyd scream for help down in the basement but they were just getting
    tickled and I didn’t want to stop the frolicking

  3. Sandsky was sodomizing boys in the locker room. This guy is a sick,
    pathetic fuck who deserves to be drawn and quartered. As for wife,she is
    just as vile and repulsive as her husband. This story reminds me of women
    who stay with their husbands after they find out the man has raped their
    child. Sub-human, not even on the level of animals. 

  4. More like SHE was the one who “cashed in”. She didn’t report what was going
    on because she didn’t want to tarnish her reputation in the community and
    lose her upper-middle class lifestyle in a divorce. SHE is the SELL OUT,
    not the victims.

  5. I’m surprised Conservatives r not backing the child rapist since he does
    seem to share their “values”.

  6. since there is tons of crazy people with guns in usa.. how about next
    shooting will start will start with that bitch? im not saying anything

  7. That’s not “self delusion” it’s the self entitlement of a spoiled bitch who
    has lived the good life while conveniently saying “I see no evil, I hear no
    evil, I do no evil” despite knowing what her husband was.

    She ought to be in prison too.

  8. Blame in research is described as a way to discharge discomfort and pain.
    Clearly demonstrated in this case by Sandusky’s wife. 

  9. This is perfect example why so many victims of abuse don’t come forward
    with allegations. No one believes them if the person who abused them looks
    successful and is a prominent member of their community.

  10. Re: Cenk’s last comment:

    I have a better piece of advice. She should talk and tell the world what
    her husband did. Maybe some other child molester’s wife will see her
    example, come forward and save a lot of kids from a horrible experience.

  11. This begs the question: Is there just a switch that turns on when someone
    gets to a certain age that turns them into a horrible, horrible person?

  12. Perpetrators such as Dottie’s husband do a marvelous job of not only
    painstakingly grooming their victims, but also their own loved ones. They
    need an ally, even an unwitting one, to cover their tracks, to defend them
    and to act as their character witness.

  13. im surprised liberals arent claiming this is all just “homophobia” like
    they did with that lesbian who raped the 14 yr old girl. maybe its because
    Sandusky is a white guy or something.

  14. to be fair people have lied before .. there are women who lie about being
    raped, the kids who claimed michael jackson touched them were told to say
    that by parents wanting to cash in. the all mighty dollar will make people
    do shit they wouldnt normally do. did sandusky do it ? probably but just
    note that people of all ages lie like a motherfucker.

  15. To quote Tim Minchin: If you cover for another motherfucker who’s a kiddie
    fucker, fuck you, you’re as evil as the motherfucking rapist.

  16. Was she investigated as knowing? Would that get her in trouble from turning
    a blind eye, this guy sounds like Hannibal. Wasn’t there a missing person
    involved in the case? 

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