S0 News April 17, 2014: NASA ISEE, Weather/Spaceweather Report

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  1. It seems like Dr. U-Yen’s research shows that the storms are magnetic eddy
    currents created due to the passing solar magnetism…the precipitation
    makes the eddy currents visible. And that would seem to make the earth’s EM
    field a BEMF event 🙂 Peace!

  2. Good morning from Henry Virginia where it is 30°F or -1°C with a brilliant
    blue sky and calm winds. The dogwoods are blooming. I even saw an Iris
    which had bloomed but the flowers got frosted yesterday. We will be back to
    a more normal temp range this week with lows near 40°F and highs around 60
    to 70°F. Have a great day and be safe…….

  3. No notice in my email Inbox this morning for your morning report. Thought
    you had slept in this a.m.! lol….I finally went to the web site and found
    it there. Thanks for adding that feature to the web site! 😉
    34ºF here in western Arkansas, under clear skies; expecting highs between
    68ºF and 70ºF today. Winds from the SE @5 mph.
    Thank you, Ben, for your excellent work and dedication!
    I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day!

  4. Good morning Sun beams. Clear skies and 32°(F) in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Today
    winds shift to a southern flow and bring up some warm air and clouds, hi of
    61° 🙂 Chance of rain after midnight and a low of 44°. I might have missed
    the Blood Moon, but last nights rising Moon was looking like an over sized
    pumpkin about 10 o’clock. It was an awesome sight!!! 8) Have a great day

  5. Good morning everyone,thanks Ben for the morning,afternoon and evening
    news,i am going to get dirty hands and work with soil and put some seeds in
    there,see if i can get them growing,here it sunny with temperatures:
    Average temperature for the day: 10.1 ° C
    Maximum temperatures for today: 15.7 ° C
    Minimum temperature for today is: 4.5 ° C

    Have a nice day every one

    whose past continues to hold on,
    has no room for the present and future

  6. A great “Now” to all you folks…. 42 degrees here in Northeast Texas…
    heading for 70 degrees today…. back to the low 80’s by this weekend!!!
    Have a wonderful day folks!!! Peace and Love to You and Yours Without Ill
    Will Intent or Prejudice!!!

  7. Hell0, fell0w S0s! Here in Cincy we start off at 40 F, then make it to 65 F
    by early evening. After today we should have spring like weather from now
    on- hooray for our gardens!

  8. Thanks for the updates – much appreciated!
    My wayward children landing home today for the Easter Holiday.
    Chicago weather: sunny and high of 50s
    Heart weather: warm front approaching :)

  9. Hey I watch your channel every day and love it but I have a question first
    off I own a organic beef and chicken farm in north wi (fu*k Monsanto) I
    wanna know what is the likelyhood that winter will stay about the same if
    not get tougher in the comeing years because of the solar shutdown I do not
    want to be haveing baby calves in 6in of snow like I am now so if they are
    gonna stay the same or get worst how bad and how long? And what is a safe
    bet for spring thanks man and keep up the GREAT work!

  10. Thanks Ben,

    Whats the latest on Fukushima radiation. Is there a new blob of gunk
    heading to California? I have to work out side this week. Or should we
    honker down in a bunker? lol

  11. Hi S O , can you comment on the first clip in this video of various ufo
    sightings for march. it is a shot of something that looks like but it looks
    more like a galaxy to me. can you say what it really is ?
    /watch?v=lHFdy4ur-h0 thanks

  12. a good old mid April Blizzard in West Central Saskatchewan this morning!
    expecting about an inch of snow bah!

  13. is it just me….or does the sun seem to have that same stream line ring
    going around the middle like earths top layer of that wind chart you show
    us, wonder if its got a polar vortex looking formation at its south pole as

  14. Good morning, afternoon, and evening all 61 degrees with overcast sky’s on
    the south Texas gulf coast
    Thanks as always Ben.

  15. Cold & Clear NW Iowa light wind. Forecast for Saturday Egg Hunt in the Park
    Easter Bunny says “Warmer this Year Temps in 50’s Rain maybe. Full winter
    gear not needed first time in Years.”

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