Russian Women Compete to be Named the Next Miss Hitler! ft. Clara C & David So

1 – Nazi News …


  1. i’ve always believed that David is a racist him self. he says things
    sarcastically, to make fun of people. after all he is korean. those
    fuckers think they are better than everyone.

  2. Ok 1/. Hitler never wanted to kill any Jews 2/.He cared about conditions
    for the Jews in the work camps 3/. He had compassion for other sentient
    beings4/. He tried to prevent the destruction of his fellow
    Europeans 5/. He cared passionately about his people and German
    heritage 6/. He was a humble man, from a humble background 7/. He held
    correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi 8/. He was a man of God 9/. He
    implemented cultural and social reform 10/. He stamped on usury.

  3. Honest to God I hate Jews not out of jealousy but out of anger because
    after the Holocaust us ppl gave them some of our own fucking land to grow
    in but they started becoming a part of our government and now they fucking
    rule Israel like wtf and then no one helped my fucking ppl out in the
    crisis of Giza like seriously I lost so many friends over there… fuck
    Jews wish hitler killed them all and don’t say because of the few don’t
    blame the many because I always will the many are the earliest generation
    so fuck them.

  4. The Chinese did do foot binding, but I guess that’s not really the same.
    Still kind of odd though. Seeing how it has no benefits.

  5. David:
    Yeah it’s hard for us modern societies to comprehend anti- semitism. To add
    more substantially to joe, after many many diasporas, being the ethnic
    minority, Jews were banned from most civic professions in European society
    EXCEPT: business, so they gained the reputation of being money hungry and
    And yeah the thing where they wanted Jesus crucified made majority
    Christian Europe consider them Christ-killers, so more hate for them

  6. What was the book joe mentioned? I couldn’t really understand what he said.
    The one Clara said she’s been meaning to read.

  7. This is because the jewish genocide of 65 million russians. Yes Jews did
    that. Look it up. Jews aren’t all goodie goodie like the media displays.
    Hatred for jews is strong and this is the reason why. They just relate to
    Nazism because of this regardless of being at war with them. 

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