Russian army in Ukraine: US releases photos linking Russian special forces to East Ukraine unrest

As US Vice President Joseph Biden arrived in Kyiv to meet top Ukrainian officials, the US released photos which it says show that many separatist fighters in…


  1. Russia’s model for Ukraine is Ukrainian city of Sloviansk where
    Roma are robbed, journalists, such as Simon Ostrovsky, are arrested, and
    Russian extremist mob rules with help of Russia’s special forces.

  2. You want real proof check for any Russian military vehicles and their
    Russian licensee plates. Look for the latest AK variant that the Russians
    currently use. The Ukraine forces would be using the older style AK74 and
    its variants along with older AKM/AK47s with the wooden stocks due the
    economic downturns that prevented them from switching over to newer
    firearms. With the Russians look for AK74M which have a black plastic stock
    and black plastic fore grip along with the PKP machine gun which currently
    replacing the older PKM than you will known for sure. We already know that
    they are in the Crimea but for those in the east they’ll need to look for
    these things.

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