Russia Humiliates Obama And Hillary! Calls Them Out On Sketchy Past! Ben Carson Agrees 100%

I found it very interesting that Lavrov would call out Obama’s past by using the phrase “decent and well-brought-up people behaved”.He went out of his way to take a not so subtle jab at Obama and Hillary What could he possibly mean by this? This is my guess!

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov clearly knows of Obama’s shady past. Yesterday he and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov made the following statement:

“We consider it absolutely unacceptable to place conditions on the return of diplomatic property, we consider that it must be returned without any conditions and talking,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.
Mr. Lavrov said that this was not the way decent and well-brought-up people behaved.

Dr. Ben Carson agrees with the assessment and has been well aware of how corrupt Obama and Hillary are and the damage that they have inflicted on our country. It is very enlightening to hear Carson in his own words blast Obama, Hillary, and the Main Stream Media!


  1. Real Americans today share far more common ground with Russians and East Europeans than we do with Western and Northern Europeans. We should be cutting close ties with those who do not share our values and will only bring the ruin they bring upon themselves onto us, while forging alliances with those who share our values for mutual benefit.

  2. Ben Carson is 1 of the few good people in the government. I can't believe these people are attempting to argue with a brain surgeon.

  3. I love Ben Carson! He s brillant and has called out the media on their dishonesty regarding Hillary and Obama! Beautiful Dr Carson! Thank you!

  4. They all talk a good game until they are elected and VISITED by the OWNERS…
    Then EVERYTHING they promised goes BUH BYE and the same SHIT CONTINUES ON…

  5. why were no questions asked about Obama, yet the ninnies on the left are going crazy and exposing even President Trump's old tax returns. Good for you Dr. Carson, we love you!

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