Rosie O’Donnell: I Still Do Not Believe the Official Story of 9/11

Rosie O’Donnell: I Still Do Not Believe the Official Story of 9/11. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertaining…


  1. Another 9/11 is Tom DeLonge from blink-182 he stated that back in the early
    2000’s he even made a song about 9/11 titled “Elevator” and with his side
    project “Boxcar
    Racer” it really had a more political stand point than Blink-182. One
    Boxcar Racer songs are “Watch The World” which is about the world ending
    (by that I mean the government) and the C.I.A being blown up and the
    currency being destroyed. They are many other songs on the album like this,
    also Tom Delonge a couple of years back made a conspiracy website I think
    two years ago

  2. And?! Only brain dead lemmings actually believe the ‘official conspiracy
    report’. Not like they even know what the ‘official conspiracy report’ is!

  3. It is truly amazing to see Bible prophecy unfolding before our very eyes in
    these last days. The anti-christ, the little horn is rising before our
    eyes. Obama is the only man in the world that is even close to being the
    future anti-christ, all the signs point to him, just search for yourself.

    Isaiah 9:10
    The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the
    fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars
    www = 666 (We remember, We rebuild, We come back stronger!) Obama is paying
    homage to the past kingdoms of this world and the future New World Order
    that will come back stronger! Remember we are in a spiritual war with
    Satan, he will release the fallen angel Apollo from the bottomless pit and
    will in fact possess Obama and guide him.

    What do you think the One World Trader Center is? Please wake up it is so
    obvious that at least one the headquarters of the fallen angels and
    anti-christ will be in NYC at this place. In the next 13 months this world
    could witness the rapture of the saints and the beginning of the NWO. Which
    is, Order Out Of Chaos.

    Trust in Jesus Christ and repent now before he shuts the door!

  4. The only reason they’re allowing her back on The View, is because she’s a
    lesbian. If she were a Conservative Christian espousing her 9-11 beliefs,
    she’d be black-balled from ALL of TV.

  5. I still cannot believe that some people really believe in 9/11 official
    People are dead,really dead 

  6. Many cowards do not want to admit that their country is run by bankers, and
    those who pretend to be in control, would kill them in a second, and have
    in the past. They keep their head up their ass so that they can pretend to
    be “real men”, even tho deep down they are insecure and often become angry
    or violent. 

  7. one of your better videos mark i don’t agree with you on all your political
    views but this is one i can agree with good job

  8. All the deceit I don’t understand this world. Blatant lies I tell you.
    Stand for love, truth and justice. Remembering Hiroshima with drone
    strikes.. genocide, occupation and devastation. 

  9. The foul stench of dead peoples spirits still haunts my neighbourhood,
    wether they died from being stabbed or overdosing it doesn’t matter, their
    spirits have been around for at least 30 years. Their souls are trapped in
    a life of purgatory.

    Bless the misfortunate spirits, for Christianity does not care about them
    and will never bless them.

  10. I can’t believe she came back
    thanks for the video .. Interesting seems they use her as bait to see the
    overall reaction of 9/11 ” conspiracy ” once again ..

  11. From the trolliest of trolls, comes the trolly of trollies.



    Death is beautiful it
    Brings new life to this
    Beautiful planet that
    God didn’t create……………………àšêž

    Dårk rîçę mark dice
    The evil öñē

  12. Yeah this fat ass bull dyke lesbian is so cool. She wants all Americans
    disarmed and communists to rule the country. Your right Mark Dice. She is
    so awesome because she mentioned you. Rosie O’Donnell for president.

  13. The View? The people or sheeple who watch this left wing main stream agenda
    propaganda mouth piece are the exact same people who believe the
    governments official story on 911!

  14. So “trutherism” 🙂

    Quite funny when you think about it. We have for years now lived in
    theocracy under the “Progressive” religion. Like in most religions, truth
    is not a valid argument, it is actually something negative and sin. Just
    keep on watching Tell Lie Vision and believe what we tell you.

    There is so many things that you are not allowed to investigate and
    question in this progressive theocracy, like for example: 911,
    multiculturalism, races, homosexuality, zionist supremacy, islam etc…

  15. i believe everything the government says
    the kennedy hit
    the moon landing
    weapons of mass hysteria
    ya i believe the bull the gov flushes down to us
    yup i do

  16. Mark, I hope you feel the same way about Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing.
    You have yet to disavow your Sandy Hook video. How can you be a 9/11
    truther, but deny Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing events?

  17. Of course 9/11 was an inside job. But the truth about 9/11 is a
    double-edged sword. What will happen if one day (and that day is
    approaching) it will come out that 9/11 indeed was orchestrated by the
    shadow government and covered by the government? This will create a
    problem, the problem of “human leadership”. Problem – Reaction – Solution.
    The reaction of the people to the problem of a corrupt human government
    will be revolution, violent or peaceful either way. And what will be the
    solution to world wide corrupt “human” governments? That’s right, an alien
    saviour who promises friendship, technology, stability and safety.
    And at that point after world wide violent revolutions, engineered plagues,
    war, natural disasters (caused by weater-control machines such as HAARP),
    nuclear false flags (nuking manhattan), and other crises, at that point
    humanity will cry out for a saviour and gladly accept an appearing alien
    saviours conditions of support. Conditions that these alien “saviours” will
    intelligently use to manipulate us into dependency and eventually slavery –
    checkmate human race.

    Back to 9/11, the point is to be aware of the greater agenda behind all of
    this. And no one should trust any media reptilian that sits on a table with
    a giant V on it. The V sign symbolizes the bottom of the luciferian
    pentagram and symbolizes condensing spirit into matter or low vibrational
    density or simply materialism which is luciferianism. The ABC logo depicts
    a guy with an erection turned clockwise. The mainstream media is a giant


  18. Shut up you fat bitch. Nobody cares what you think? Does it really matter
    what anyone thinks as there is nothing anyone can do about it. Go eat
    something so we don’t have to hear you fat ass.

  19. Mark dice and Rosie o’donnell should kick it sometime. Buy a big bag of
    Doritos and a big bottle of diet coke, they’ll have a blast!

  20. I don’t believe the official story of 9/11 either. The evidences the
    government gave to proof their story was true don’t make any sense. Do you
    really believe that an airplane could go through a building of steel,
    without any damage, and could hit the second one? I think it is high
    unlikely. And then, they found in the perished airplane a passport that has
    no damage from an Arab. Even if the plane had really hit the building, that
    passport had should been destroyed. But they found it without any damage
    and I am sure somebody set that their after the attack. It is unfair of the
    government that they came with such a terrible plan. Since then, the usa
    found an “excuse” to attack the Islamic world and steal their oil and
    destroy the Muslims. Billions of people has died, women and children
    included. Open your eyes and don’t be a mindless sheep who fellow the
    government. The US government and Israel, the real terrorists of this

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