Roberta Bondar Talks the Art of Ecology

Visit for our Walrus Talks Energy in Toronto on April 4th.

Last fall, the Walrus Foundation hosted the public at Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario for a lively and engaging conversation about the future of our cities and the nature of urban living in Canada. Among the speakers that night were chef Jamie Kennedy, director Deepa Mehta, and astronaut, neurologist, and photographer Roberta Bondar.
Bondar focused her talk on ecology. “I found myself really missing the sound of a bird when I was in space. I missed seeing life on the planet,” she said. She went on to share several vivid pictures of trees, many of which she photographed in cemetaries. “[Trees] provide us with emotions, they provide us with protection, they provide us with all kinds of things that human beings cannot do,” she continued.
Since Bondar spoke at the AGO, the Foundation has hosted another Walrus Talks—in Calgary, about performance—and will soon return to Toronto for another public event. On Thursday, April 4, the topic will be Canada’s sustainable energy future, the challenges of energy production, and our collective impact. Guests include the National Post’s Andrew Coyne, Investeco Capital’s Andrew Heintzman, and the University of Calgary’s David Layzellon. Visit our Eventbrite page to purchase your tickets today.

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