Rick Perry Pushes Puerto Rico Nuclear Says Waste Pretty Much 0 Solar Best

Rebuild Puerto Rico’s grid with solar, not nuclear, In terms of speed of recovery, nothing beats solar with storage. As Inside Climate News reported, Florida homes with solar panels and batteries that lost power from Irma in the early hours of Monday, September 11 were able to restore power in a few hours when the sun came up. Long before others, they could use lights, refrigerators, and wifi.

Although it’s worth noting that solar homes without storage are out of luck in Florida. The utility, FPL, does not allow grid-connected systems without batteries to be used during an outage. And the state code requires you to be connected to the grid even if you could be grid free.

Dirty energy is not only dirty, it is very expensive for an island. Nuclear power is hazardous and expensive everywhere. Neither are resilient to extreme disaster. Renewables are fast, clean, resilient, cheap — and getting cheaper every year. They are exactly what Puerto Rico’s grid needs.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Tuesday that small nuclear power plants being researched at national labs are the kind of “innovation” he’d like to “expedite” for Puerto Rico’s rebuild. “If we had small modular reactors that literally you could put in the back of C-17 [military cargo] aircraft, transport it to an area like Puerto Rico, and push it out the back end, crank it up, and plug it in?” he said at an event in Washington, D.C. for National Clean Energy Week. “Hopefully, we can expedite that.”

Trump officials have no clue how to rebuild Puerto Rico’s grid. But we do.

Boat Floating – Puddle of Infinity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWfTtFfgyK0&index=171&list=PLW2vohVKQvTCqUD5t7H1XFtDKl3dFMb_X


  1. That perry is an idiot. The place is wiped clean; perfect time to start over with CLEAN SAFE energy generation. Nuke is death. Fuck Rick the moron/shill Perry.

  2. I just did this calculation a few months ago for home solar using the latest NREL data, which is from current new solar panel installs in the USA, this is the very pro-Solar NREL, OpenPV cost data for USA solar PV utility scale installs is $2.82 per peak watt & $3.35 per peak watt for 3-30 kw installs. So 10 kw system home sized system costs $33,500 generates 13,400 kwh per year, when new @ avg CF of 15.3%. Powerwall battery bank is $396 per kwh installed, so storing 16 hrs of power would be at least 10kw x 15.3%CF X 16hrs /0.9 eff/.96usable = 28 kwh storage , needed just to supply one days energy. That's two of the 14kwh Powerwalls (Tesla recommends 2-3 for avg home) @ $11,100 plus $1,500 install charge or $12,600 for the battery bank good for 10 yrs, so two of those plus your solar panels gets you 20 yrs of electricity. That’s $23,700 + $33,500 = $57,200 for avg 1.5 x 0.9eff = 1.3 kw of power which is the avg house load in the USA.

    That's a mere $44 thousand per avg delivered kw for 20yrs . Costs a little more than a brand spanking new Virginia Class Nuclear attack submarine – for $2B with a 50 MW nuclear reactor. That's $40 thousand per kw, with lots of added features, you don't need like missiles, sonar, propulsion, air & water recycling system, living quarters for 134 etc. And gives you power for 33 yrs on one fuel load, 24/7 even when the Sun isn't shining. So instead you could buy a genuine US made nuclear sub and park it near your neighborhood, rather than export all those jobs to China for solar panels.

    At a low 5.0% Discount Rate this solar/battery home system works out to $2.60 per kwh generated . Ordinary diesel generation costs $0.22 per kwh. Except the diesel supplies power 24/7, night/day, summer/winter, rain/snow/cloud/monsoon, north/south. And the waste heat from the diesel can be used for free building heat. And even with the batteries, the solar craps out on two cloudy days in a row and you can have a weeks cloudy weather, or months of low insolation in the winter in northern regions, so you really need the Solar PLUS Batteries PLUS Diesel PLUS Fuel supply PLUS all the vast oil infrastructure supply chain to fuel, operate, build and maintain the 100% diesel backup power plant. And then consider that all your solar system is doing it replacing some diesel fuel which is only worth 16 cents per kwh. All grid-tied solar does is replace some NG fuel worth 2 cents/kwh in the USA. And add misery to madness the EROI (Energy Return on Invested) on this system is less than 1:1, so you really are not replacing ANY fossil fuel, you are just shifting fossil consumption off to China and elsewhere.

    Nuclear power plants, even at rip-off US prices for FOAK (First of a Kind GenIII) are $7 thousand per avg delivered kw for 60-100 yrs . Chinese, Indian & Korean reactors are < 1/3rd of those costs.

    To supply the per capita US or Canada energy consumption of 10 kw. Family of four that's 40 kw. Add a couple retirees, disabled, non-productive and each US family needs to supply 60 kw to supply our avg energy consumption. At your one day, Home solar supply, that's $44k/kw X 60 kw = $2.6 million per avg US family every 20 years . And add 2 cents per kwh O&M cost to that. Or 60 X 8760hrs X $0.02 = $10,500 per year. Or $218 thousand per year over 20 years at a 5% discount rate. I don't know about you but I can't afford that. I can't afford that for everything never mind just energy and I'm just avg middle class. They want even the poor to pay that.

    And you still need to pay for a full 100% backup fossil fuel storage, distribution & generation infrastructure for when the solar is missing in action for more than one day. Almost entirely fossil in the winter in more northern or rainy areas. And transmission of 300 kms costs as much as a replacement, USA priced FOAK NPP.

  3. Solar/battery is a crazy idea for Puerto Rico. That is way, way beyond the ability for the average person to pay. Around $57k for 20 yrs of electricity at the avg USA house load of 1.3kw. Who can afford that? And you still need to pay for the same size grid, repair/replace all that deteriorated infrastructure for when the solar is low for more than one day. Solar plus battery is an insane idea for Puerto Rico.

    The rational thing for Puerto Rico would be several local Diesel Power plants adjacent to the major load centers and a couple coal power plants located on a main power corridor. Or possibly LNG instead of Coal, since they now have an LNG terminal. And they just need to hire some decent engineers and do proper grid planning, plan for storm disruption with secure power corridors and multiple paths into major consumer areas.

    There is obviously a huge problem there in gross mismanagement of the electricity grid. A total lack of electricity grid planning, another Fukushima style disaster that occurs when bureaucrats imagine that bad weather i.e. earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hail storms, ice storms, solar flares – well those just can't happen. You can hype silly Tesla fantasies, that is all nonsense, what you need is smart, knowledgeable engineers who optimize grid architecture considering the level of funding available for maximum reliability. It ain't rocket science. And the last thing you want is more wind & solar, that just complicates the grid distribution and adds huge costs with no gain.

  4. Wonder what he's getting paid under the table to push this nuclear agenda? Shame on Rick Perry!!! Thank you SM for excellent reporting that lamestream doesn't say one word about!!

  5. Aaaugh, help us put these psychopaths under lock and key. Actually, that's one of the things Jesus is going to fulfil when I think about it.
    Clean nuclear, hahaha I can't take much more of the insanity


  7. he's right, nothing eliminates the problem of people without electricity like murdering all the people. no people, no electricity shortage. Perry for president. he's fucking brilliant.

  8. The truth about Gardasil, and why Rick Perry's endorsement threatened the health of millions You can't be speaking about the SAME RICK PERRY now could ya??? yes Sir, this guy tops the list in EVIL DOERS just watch the guy wheel around like the COWBOY RODEO CLOWN he really is and thus performs this show as each and everyday of his Dirty Satanic 33rd Degree Masonic Sun Worshiping Jack-O-Lantern Bull Shit JERK wishing to Play President of the all mighty US of A…This Country has taken on a whole new spectrum of Dumb Ass Crackers working their way to the top of the Shit Pile of Assassins working in high places to RID THE ENTIRE FLAT EARTH OF IT'S CHILDREN TO GREAT LENGTHS!!!

  9. Puerto Rico would be better off taking sides with Venezuela !! The same reason the Philippines took sides with China !!

  10. Nobody needs nuclear power anymore, it's not free, it's not cheap, and is continually building up more waste material, that we have no idea what the hell to do with.
    I read somewhere that two-thirds of the energy produced from these stations actually goes to cooling the ponds, of the used up rods. Thanks again strontium for another good video.

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