Republicans Commit Climate Suicide

Alex Jones talks with Marc Morano about how the republicans sacrificed their principles yet again in order to make things easier for their corporate masters. .


  1. 2 more long years of Obama to go. Will America survive? I’m not optimistic.
    Obama doesn’t give a shit anymore. He’s just going down his list of
    bullshit one by one.

  2. Me Jar of Jew Farts can commit Climate Suicide before the Republicans can.
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    still lamenting about me innocence lost at me uncles cabin in Montreal me.
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    Alex Jones stripping off Rob Dew’s shorts and underwear at the Infowars
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    puts Rob’s underwear on his face with the crotch in the front. Sick. Just
    sick :)

  3. Fuck republicans , fuck democrats. All of the people who vote for them and
    support them have just chosen one of the parties as their “team” and
    support them no matter what kinds of criminal acts they’re involved in.
    Politics are just like sports to them , it’s their team vs the other team.
    They don’t care what their party does as long as they win. America is so

  4. I’m burnt….after all that shit i went through getting slammed by the
    antichrist network for 30 plus yrs…i have clowns telling me that the
    devil dont exist…its ridiculous, even roick and roll tells the whole
    story…America is finished and i have scars on my body from fighting
    lucifers kids…I’m pissed off, my country is dying, everything is a lie,
    and the number of the beast is coming at warp speed. NWO is demonic
    control…but they would have no power if everyone gave their heart to
    Christ one on one…you want to know the solution to everything. I have the
    solution to it all. I know how to fix everything….but i cant make people
    do it….Heres the answer to everything>>>
    2 Chronicles 7:14 14 if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble
    themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then
    i will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their

  5. I jad a guy outsode trader joes today asking me to sign a petition for
    global warming and the environment. . I said so basically you are asking me
    to sign a petition that would give our government more power over our lives
    I’m the name of stopping global warming wich by the way is just another
    hoax created by our government to get more regulation and more taxes on the
    people .
    I know he thinks he is doing a good thing trying to save the world . But
    I’m not signing anything that is going to bring in more regulation and
    carbon taxes .. sad thing is you know a bunch of trader joes crunchy save
    the planet people will . And we will have more regulation than we possibly
    need and more taxes we can’t afford and they will shut down more coal
    plants and pretty soon we won’t make enough to pay all these high energy
    and taxes .. its already on its way .just another way to take the people’s
    money so they can spend it on stupid stuff that will eventually ruin
    God help us all 

  6. Even if you read the CDC and EPA papers on floride in water, they of course
    don’t mention the effects on the brain, but do cite long term damage to
    bones and even creating dips and holes in the teeth of children. IT DOESN’T
    Only when fluoride is consumed at the exact perfect amount does it have a
    small effect on fighting cavities, but there is no way to get right dosage
    when it flows through the taps. Most bottled water is just filtered tap
    water and the fluoride is not filtered out. 

  7. Do you guys not understand that the Republicans are in on it with the
    Democrats?? Duh! They both answer to the same masters. They put on a show
    for us to make it look like theres an option. They havent placed everything
    yet so they play the game. When all the pieces are set for a certain move
    then they cooperate and move forward.

  8. Most scientists say climate change is a fraud and a wealth transfer lol
    Does this fat fuck not care about his lies anymore does he believe his fans
    so gullible they will believe anything smh.

  9. This guy thinks mpg improvement mandates are a bad thing? What a idiot,
    just because its a suv doesn’t mean it has to get 10mpg or its unAmerican.

  10. There’s something strange (Alex) in your neighbourhood (Austin), who are
    you going to call? Jewbusters.

  11. well my 06 f150 the cab is aluminum and I think its a great thing say if it
    gets scratched then it does not rust hey another way for the working man to

  12. Even NASA admits All planets are warming. They also now admit that there
    could be undiscovered rogue planets suddenly at last. Could it be that
    incoming Nibiru is interacting with everything, causing earth and climate
    change chaos? Can’t be the SUVs on Mars. 😉

    And why are governments around the world building so many Deep Underground
    Military Bunkers (DUMBs)? Deep Impact fantasy? COG.

  13. Morano is a shill for big oil and the fossil fuel industry he is not a
    scientist his knowledge of climate extends to looking out his window to
    check if it’s cloudy.

  14. Alex please explain how you can be for Cruz when he’s ineligible because he
    was born abroad. How can you be for him when he voted for the NDAA in
    committee and cosponsored Russian sanctions? 

  15. I know that Fluoride pits the enamel because many people Take Asian
    holidays and get treated for Fluorosis in Asian Hospitals.

  16. *So Science says Climate Change is real! Don’t forget Science has said
    Vaccines are perfectly safe- science says GMO’s are safe! It would appear
    that we are being bamboozled by Mad Scientist’s…*

  17. Both parties are playing roles-they’re controlled by lobbyists,banks,and
    corporations…until they are out of government,there will be NO “real”
    government-by the people,for the people!

  18. Why not go straight to the Chinese one child policy? Jest think of the
    reduction the carbon footprint that would have per family. ;)

  19. Don’t worry Alex. Once Obama is gone the Republicans will get power again
    and everyone will be reminded of why they hate them. But unfortunately for
    you there will be no more Obama dictator propaganda to push on your
    lemmings. I bet you are just dieing for Hillary to get in because you won’t
    say jack squat about your boy Jeb.


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