Republican’s, And Democrat’s, One And The Same!

Please open, and watch the video attached in the link below.


  1. Old Will Rogers best explained both political parties. He was right back then, and is still right today. Peace.

  2. I view the 'rats and 'pubs like this: The 'rats are like the schoolyard bully who beats you up and takes your lunch money. The 'pubs are like the schoolyard chump that takes your lunch money to protect you from getting beat up. No matter what, you lose your lunch money.

  3. Rince Priebus=Prince Pubis. I predict that there will be more "October Surprises" in both camps. They're saving the best for last.

  4. Their true colors are showing. We can now see them for what they really are. This is just what some of us have been saying all along. Satan owns both teams and he doesn't care which side wins, because he still wins.

    I am just praying that God is using Trump the same way he used Cyrus the great. If so, then the nest will be kicked.

  5. Yep, Trump could possibly send dozens of people to jail . Even so Jesus let him win to restore our country .

  6. pure garbage, a no vote is not a vote for Hillary it is a no vote, I don't like my choices, they both are as evil as could be and no one in their right mind should even being putting their name behind them.

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