REPORT: Robert Mueller’s Witch Hunt Has a New Target — Reince Priebus you can donate through this site
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  1. littlewildwolf he could do that but he won't because he will be totally crucified by everyone. Of course they let Obama do whatever he wanted, hypocritical politicians! Trump has America's interest at heart and people need to stand up for him if we want our children and grandchildren to have a country they can have opportunity in

  2. So WHAT can we do, besides just sit and watch this happen? Sessions is obviously blocking everything. He wasted time by letting those tarmac emails go out redacted. And he's doinh NOTHING to oversee Mueller.

  3. Mid evening to ya Martin-san, I will 2nd you volunteering for prosecuting them. A great plan sir. May you get hired rightly soon. A out of the blue lightning strike, Code Name : Brother Brodel will cause nice conniptions amongst them. They can have the unprecedented option of preordering their own timely demise. Depending on how they cooperate, a choice of : Rare, Medium, Well Done, OR the créme de la créme, ever popular with the viewing public, the most desirable outcome too, WELL FRIGGIN DONE! MAGA way past 2020. Prayers please for our POTUS & for our country. We have 2 friggin wars ongoing here folks! 1, the political arena. 2, the spiritual one. Winna Takes All!

  4. Justice? If there was justice, Mueller would not be on this case and Clintons, Comey Lynch. Copper, Brennan and Obama (may have forgot some) would be under investigation for spying, collusion to rig an election, fraud, theft, racketeering, (and continue the list). But no justice for the American people. We live in.a banana republic.

  5. I am just about as sick of hearing Mueller's name as I am Obama, Hillary, McConnell, Pelosi, Waters, McCain, Ryan and on and on and on….

  6. Rinse & Repeat is the libturds enemy #1….he was GOP chief who helped with the single GREATEST GOP election in this country`s history….this is PROOF it`s a "political witch hunt"…..has ZERO to do with Russia.

  7. The Democrats must be terribly desperate. If this ploy fails, the American people will
    bury the Democratic Party. No jury in America will convict anyone for shooting a
    Democrat. It will be open season for Democrats. Let the hunt begin.

  8. they'd have ZERO problem flipping priebus. he'd turn on trump without blinking. so let's hope they don't find any dirt on priebus to hold over him.

  9. Since when is it up to Mueller as to who POTUS can fire? Mueller us grasping at this point. Nayve they will offer to pay Manafort like they did the guy in Russia to say there was collusion.

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