Report: NBA owner linked to racist remarks

NBA team owner Donald Sterling is being roundly criticized for remarks he allegedly made regarding African-Americans.


  1. He has a point though. If she’s bringing huge spooks to the games, they
    tend to scare the shit out of all the other spectators. Most of them carry
    guns so I would be nervously watching them all the time

  2. Lol it always cracks me up how we, as americans, act shocked when racism
    rears it’s ugly head. racism is a national past time in america; it’s
    fucking cultural tradition here. and it’s a tradition that we (americans
    of every persuasion) all indulge in. we’re all racists in someway, or in a
    lot of ways. a latino can be racist, a black (they’re some of the biggest
    racist), an asian, whatever. but the bottom line is this: it’s a white
    man’s world. this is his show. he’s calling the shots. he’s picking the
    tune. we all just dance and play along. if we, as minorities, are fully
    aware that this is his show, then doesn’t it go without saying that he is
    even more aware of it than we are? and if he’s aware of it, then doesn’t it
    equally go without saying that he has to possess a superiority complex in
    someway, or in a lot of ways? so when the white man is racist, why do we
    feign shock? it all goes without saying. it’s america. this bullshit is
    apple pie. eat up… 

  3. How are the remarks of some sugar daddy team owner a black mark for all of
    America? Was OJ Simpson a black mark on black people. Should we even use
    the words “black mark” , it might have an improper connotation.

  4. Now this is a steaming pile of cow dung! Players can’t even swear during
    games & get fined if they do or fined if they say something “bad” to the
    press or during a tweet. But, because this asshole is an “owner” he gets to
    preach such racist hate & not face any consequences from the NBA. Not even
    face one single fine??? They need to fine this loser & take the team away
    from him because as long as this hatin idiot is an owner they will NEVER
    prosper like the team should. As long as he is an owner he will continue to
    be the reason the Clippers are perceived as the JV team to the Lakers
    Varsity team. Perception is everything. 

  5. he is not racist, he just do not like them different things. you have to
    listen the whole conversation not the fragment cnn put it in this video
    then you will realize he was talking about behavior, not to be expose and
    broadcast everything she does in Instagram. if is racist why he will dating
    a half black gold digger no make sense, this gold digger is dumb because
    she set up everything to fuck him and he will dump her and she will say
    good bye to his millions and she have to be back to the groupies crew.

  6. The Bundy rancher spins to Black…now this? This racist talk is starting
    to look like an intentional slander campaign on Whites with an opinion. If
    they can label you guys with the “R word” your life is done. You can best
    believe they don’t care what we Blacks think. This is all about White ppl
    persecuting other Whites for their belief systems…Now that’s deep.

  7. CNN is being intolerant of the opinion of Donald Sterling. You have to
    wonder if CNN is the real racist here.

  8. Rather he made the remarks, or not, it is nonetheless Constitutionally
    protected speech. Are blacks really so utterly infantilised, so
    psychologically fragile, so emotionally unstable, that anything said about
    them provokes a frenetic uproar? Or do blacks see themselves as martyrs
    for having wallowed so long in victimhood and self-pity, expecting, even
    demanding, collective beatification, and special treatment?

  9. im black, and think people should have their right to private speech. i
    dont like what he said, but i dont like the idea of people being judged for
    their private speech alot more. if ur 1 of the people who believe in
    privacy rights, u should believe in them for all, if ur 1 who believes in
    free speech, there should be no exceptions. im not a liberty nut, just
    someone who doesent believe hypocracy should be claimed is moral thought or
    action, cause to bully a bully, or hate a racist for their beliefs cant
    possibly be claimed as right or fair

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