Replay: Float Out of the Quantum of the Seas live at Meyer Werft

Live broadcast of the float out procedure of the Quantum of the Seas at Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany. The float out is delayed to August 13 at 4:00 am (UTC). The date and the time are…


  1. will this ship be wider than the freedom class ships i know it says 40 feet
    less in width but it just doesn’t seem that way. And when i was looking at
    the specs between Oasis and Freedom of the seas It said that oasis was much
    wider but then the freedom class ships had a wider beam than oasis class

  2. wolfpackclan….cruisecritics is a great site…..been using it for 2 weeks
    and found everyone on there to be extremely helpful and informative!

  3. Wow…she looks incredible! going on the Allure for the first time in
    November…but this will be on my list for sure!

  4. anyone know of any good cruise websites i can go to for additional
    information on cruising? if anyone here says “cruiseCritics” – please dont
    – they are very rude people

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