Repeated Conflicts Scar Generations of Palestinians, Israelis

In the last six years, there have been three wars between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In the latest conflict, some 2100 Palestinians were killed and 73 Israelis died in a hail of rocket…


  1. ​The dream of EVERY Hamas fighter is to have an ISIL like war against
    Israel. With the taking of tens of thousands of slaves, child brides, and
    the beheadings, rapes, and crucifixions of the Jews and Christians. But
    unlike the Iraqis, the Jews didn’t run away. American founding father JQ
    Adams said “Judeo-Christianity has been at war with Islam for a thousand
    years. That war will not end until one side is totally eliminated.” Hamas
    and Hezbollah have turned southern Lebanon and Gaza into “warrens ” of
    underground tunnels. Interestingly the bunker buster bombs, designed to
    collapse Iran’s underground nuclear facilities, can convert dozens
    of square miles, of Hamas and Hezbollah tunnels at a time, into hundred of
    miles of graves.
    Iran might be right. “The sooner their is a nuclear war, the sooner the
    Judeo Christian Islamic war will end.” With 150 of the world’s most
    advanced nuclear weapons on Submarines, Planes, and missiles, in a
    coordinated attack Israel can vaporize EVERY major Islamic city in the
    world in under ten minutes. If the Muslims
    could, they would get rid of every Jew in the blink of an eye. Do you think
    that it would be wrong of the Jews to do the same thing to the Muslims ?
    Doc B

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