Reince Preibus Warns Sanctuary Cities They Will Lose Federal Funding if They Violate the Law

President Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Preibus joined Hannity and discussed the issue of sanctuary cities.

His message was crystal clear.

There will be no more tolerance for lawlessness and harboring illegals in the Trump Era.

“Should places in this country that ignore the laws of this country when it comes to immigration receive federal money into their communities?” Priebus asked Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday. “And the answer to me is no…..if you defy the laws of this country, you shouldn’t receive federal tax payer dollars from the people of this country … in some cases, you have folks that have committed crimes … and in every other jurisdiction, they say ‘OK, you’ve committed a crime. You now have to leave the country.’ That’s normal, right? I think that’s normal, but they’re not doing that.”

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