Raw: Hawaii Lava May Force Evacuation

Hawaii authorities told residents near an active lava flow to prepare for a possible evacuation in the next three to five days. The lava crossed a country road on the edge of Pahoa town, moving…


  1. WOW!! 10 yards per hour can take up a lot of earth, vegetation and
    homes…. Though we know this is natural, it certainly is hard to accept
    when we know it hurts and destroys. Watching Hawaii grow again…. Yes,

  2. Video of Lava flow on Hawaii today. I have always wanted to see something
    like this in person.
    Seeing a Volcano in person is on my Bucket list.

    Best part is at about 56 seconds 

  3. All this bullshit could have been avoided if Hawaii had just never been
    made part of the USA in the first place. Fucking ridiculous.

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