Raw: Ferguson Quiet Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

Crews erected barricades Saturday around the building where a grand jury has been considering whether to indict a white police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black 18-year-old,…


  1. thanks you pieces of sh*t politicians . the people in power of our
    government and country worship satan as proven by the eye and pyramid
    symbol o the back of the one dollar bill. there is no black vs white no
    political parties yet the lying sacks of worthless crap politicians and a
    terrorists for a president tell you there is.. it’s time to disobey any and
    all laws by this worthless ,devil worshipping ,terrorists puppet of a
    president , that is working towards destroying America completely and is
    almost there. I do not obey criminals or satanist !!! 

  2. Such a sad country the USA is. When you have to put up barricades in case
    a jury finds this “White” COP Innocent for shooting a “Black” person.
    The Race War will end when America just says “Fuck these Niggers” and
    takes them all out!!
    Remember. The Blacks are the ones who make EVERYTHING a Race Issue. If
    the Cop was Black, and the dead loser was White, none of this would be
    going on. No Riots, no nothing. Life would just go on… But since the
    biggest RACISTS in America (Blacks) are involved, bring up the barricades,
    call in the troops.
    Amazing …..

  3. I guess no one is really dwelling on the low expectations for black
    civility issue here, now are they? Isn’t all of this preparation and the
    online threats that preceded it, simply the perpetuation of a myth, that
    minorities can’t be responsible for their behavior in protests ? And why
    would anyone seek to exacerbate this problem, especially if they were black

  4. To be honest white and black people can’t get along in this country.
    Overall neither race can let go of their prejudices and racist views
    against each other. They really need to separate the only places I have
    seen white and blacks in this country get along peacefully is in the
    southwest and the military. 

  5. I am sure the Grand Jury has reached a decision, but it is not what the
    protestor’s want, so they stall the announcement of the decision. They know
    that all hell is going to break loose when no indictment is handed down. 

  6. Black America you has been FIRED and will be replaced by Mexican are being
    imported as we speak thanks for the 200 years of work but we need another
    working race with no violence no thug no rapes no gangs no killing each
    other and less welfare food stamps hand outs you know the song we are Sorry
    to let you go but this aint working out don’t take this personally hope you
    get a new job soon in Africa just watch for ebola its a killer don’t call
    us we’ll call you have a nice day

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