RAW: Ferguson protesters turn over police car

Protesters smashed and then set a Ferguson Police Department vehicle on fire Tuesday evening in Ferguson after demonstrators, upset about a grand jury’s decision not to indict white police…


  1. And all the idiots wonder why the police have to use riot gear and tear
    gas. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this isn’t a peaceful group.

  2. From what I saw in the live feed last night, cops were way too passive in
    preventing rioters from burning buildings. They just let them go at it. It
    was the same with the LA Riots years back following the Rodney King verdict.

    The National Guard wasn’t deployed soon enough, but even then I doubt they
    would’ve done anymore than what the cops did.

  3. It is noteworthy that in almost all cases those that inflame these
    situations are wearing large backpacks and they appear to have no
    connection with those that are in general and peaceful protest.

  4. Read the comments and you see the racism and stupidity. At age 18 I stole a
    T-shirt in Germany but wasn’t gunned down because of this. A black teenager
    steals a box of cigars from a shop ( the owner didn’t bother to cal the
    cops.A customer did ) and a while later a racist cop whose soon to be wife
    is a KKK member kills the boy because of 47,50 dollars worth of cigars.
    Even in fascist Saudi Arabia you don’t get killed for theft but read how
    many retards think it’s OK to murder somebody because of a box of cigars.
    Mikel Brown was shot in the back by the killer cop. Now all the following
    riots will cost far more than a box of cigars for 47,50 Dollars. Guess how
    much the killer cops fans collected for the cop? Half a million Dollars.

  5. Fake protest organized by the global Elite, to let people think there is a
    revolution while they keep stealing from us.

  6. RAW: Ferguson protesters turn over police car – Get your latest Jewish
    usury distraction story from RT. Such race wars these Jews are encouraging.

  7. These morons burned down businesses and ruined their cities reputation.
    Local businesses are destroyed and big businesses won’t want to come in.
    This city is going to be full of unemployed morons who are going to blame
    the government for them having no jobs. Prepare for riots of no jobs in
    this area.

  8. Smashing the f@%k out of a Police car… That their taxes paid for in the
    first place?
    That’s going to get the message out loud & clear… Actually saying that, I
    guess you have to have a Job to pay taxes in the first place? lol

  9. You know that about the same time that Michael Brown was shot. A black
    police man shot a white tennager, but the media are telling us that. 

  10. Isn’t it a coincidence that there is uselessly a police car waiting
    conveniently in the street during protests waiting for the inevitable
    frustration to be taken out against it after the police provocateurs have
    stirred up tension? The same thing happened at the g20 protests. Add me on
    Tsu – https://www.tsu.co/GraemeTruther

  11. Yay! Black president.
    Ha ha oh how I remember being shrieked at and called a racist for daring to
    suggest Obama is just another fucking cunt in a suit.
    I hope all those ARSEHOLES are squirming in their chairs 

  12. Why protesting every time the Elites does something against the People?
    They don’t care. They will simply send their goons to arrest and hurt the
    We just ALL need to change to a Direct Democracy then finally charge and
    seize ALL the elites for their crimes against ALL the People.

    Cops will block roads so that peaceful protest would gather in a close
    commercial area then the cops would send their own rioters then cops will
    arrest and hurt the peaceful protesters without arresting the rioters. It
    happened before it will happen again

  13. well its really their own fault.. they brought nigros to americas centuries
    ago, now they are out of line and theres nothing they can do about it.

  14. To bad the car didn’t fall on them. As for the guy that started that with
    smashing the window in, I hope he gets shot in the face but suffers in
    excruciating pain for 48 hours before he dies.

  15. not even a protest at this point, just being a bunch of fucktards stealing
    for personal gain under the guise of ‘protest’

  16. Обама значит в Украине обвиняет полицейских в убийстве студентов,а у самого
    в стране полный бардак!

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