RAW: Clashes, violence in Kashmir at anti-Israeli protest

Police in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir used tear gas on Tuesday to disperse people protesting against Israel’s ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe…


  1. So many anti-Jewish simpletons. It’s not their fault the Hamas rejected the
    ceasefire and started bombing innocent Jews. They had to respond. Israel is *DEFENDING
    ITSELF*. They accepted the ceasfire. Hamas DID NOT. 

  2. Look this is asking out of complete lack of knowledge, and being able to
    read different languages but is the black flag that some of them are
    holding and waving is/or looks allot like an ISIS flag? Anyone want to
    enlighten me?

  3. Jews and Americans are enemies of humanity. We Must kill them in a frenzy
    without inguinal. Only when we are fully immersed in their blood we will
    find redemption. 

  4. Why not all the Medias drop the pro and anti bullshit and call it
    prohumanity?? Maybe cause they would have no one sided agenda to push by
    calling out for HUMANITY !!!

  5. really smart to cause trouble, hurt police, citizens, economy and anything
    else with useless protest in countries that have nothing to do with Israel
    and the war. I guess muslims will be muslims and they like to cause trouble

  6. for idiots who don’t know why the hell the police is engaging with
    the protesters?
    their politicians are Israel is wives they don’t want them to protest 

  7. What the Hell are Muslim’s Thinking ! Hey ! Radical’s in Gaza are
    Getting their ass’s kicked and their homes destroyed because of violence !
    So, Let’s Riot and Destroy the City We Live In ! It’s working out so well
    in Syria and Libya ! Let’s create an unlivable shit hole of our own ! ”
    In the name of Allah of course ” 

  8. so far I seen France , Germany and India protecting the Jews , I wonder
    what did the Jews give to Kashmir ? Man what Jew suckers they are.

  9. U call this fighting? Hell the kids in my neighborhood are worse with their
    slingshots and smoke bombs, lol!

  10. Muslims will never accept Israel as a state and won’t stop causing conflict
    until all the Jews are dead. Israel has no other choice but to defend
    itself against these primitive barbaric savages.

  11. Another DEMOCRACY attacking their Civilian’s for voicing their support of
    Human Right’s.
    Hey ISRAEL… Your loosing the PR battle and its only going to cause
    holocaust #2 except there never was a #1.

  12. One day, the World will get fed up with Islam…And we will have a massive
    war…. And Islam will loose…

  13. lol fucking sand niggers say things like “wipe all jews off this earth”
    then wonder why they are getting killed LOL fuck you sand niggers so so

  14. These brave Muslims are enough with the genocide isreal is committing and
    i salute their bravery. Pakistan must be taken over by muslims so that it
    nukes can be used to terminate isreal. right now pakistan is runned by dogs
    of the USA/EU terrorists.

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