Rape culture panic is not the answer

Sexual assault on campus is a serious problem—but, “rape culture” is not the answer. The Factual Feminist compares this panic to another nationwide hysteria based on faulty statistics, and…


  1. 1. We need to accept that false rape accusations exist and are not

    2. We need to acknowledge that rape cannot be stopped by “telling men that
    rape is bad” or other such strategies which aim to create a culture which
    condemns rape. We already have a culture which condemns rape. There are
    biological reasons that men rape – it gives the man a chance to spread his
    genes without making efforts to gain a woman’s approval or spending
    resources on the offspring. The only risk is if he gets caught and other
    people punish him. In some instances, it is cost-effective for men to rape
    and therefore, it happens. For women, on the other hand, it is very costly
    to be raped – they have to carry a child for nine months (and take care of
    it for years, if they want it to survive) and they have not had a chance to
    evaluate the genes of the father. We reduce the problem of rape by
    acknowledging the real reasons that people rape and then reduce the
    circumstances which lead to rape. I.e. we shift the focus from “rape
    culture” to something more effective.

  2. Liberals are excellent at inventing crimes that don’t exist, then pushing
    for laws that ruin all of our lives. 

  3. No doubt,@CHSommers will be hunted through the town square with torches and
    pitchforks by the feminist mob for her heresy against the collective.

  4. Rape is a police matter. When a rape allegation is made call them.

    Make sure that studies and lectures on rape use a valid definition of rape.

    Before rolling it out make sure that any cures and treatments for a ‘Rape
    Culture’ have been tested and shown to work ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’. A
    process for peer reviewing academic papers exists – use it.

    Money is being made from this scare. Find out who is getting it. Start
    the search with the people organising the cover-up.

  5. It seems that “rape culture” feminists want all women to be frightened of
    all men and for all men to be self loathing and guilt prone creating
    something like the Hobbsian “war of all on all”. To whose benefit?

  6. Conspiracy theories, like those that come up within feminism every now and
    then, are nothing unusual for a paranoid worldview. Some people just prefer
    to blame someone for all the shortcoming they have in life, even when there
    is nobody to blame. That is why people had witchhunts in the past or the
    holocaust or now the demonization of everything masculine. So, the problem
    is that the sexist idea of the patriarchy theory is still around within
    feminism, where everything a women doesn’t like can be simply blamed upon
    all men, regardless how much the feelings might be just paranoia… and men
    who feel insecure are still expected not to show that, so it is no wonder
    that many women fail to see that men do not necessarily have it easier in
    life, they often are just better at hiding their insecurities.

  7. And you are a scholar…how, why? self-described?
    Oops, American Enterprise Institute (AKA swamp of conservative PAC
    money), LMAO, there’s my answer.

  8. Why don’t the administrations at these universities protect the right to
    free speech? Why do they not give out fines or punishments to mobs who
    disrupt open debate? 

  9. The big problem is see with the “rape culture” view point is that assumes
    that people won’t do something they know to be wrong unless society
    convinces them otherwise. There are lots of people that do things they know
    to be wrong. Criminals do exist.

  10. Yeah great “The Great Gatsby” gets a trigger warning but when I complain
    about the adverts for a certain movie that has hate towards men in their
    video I got told by a bunch of women that it wasn’t hate at all.

  11. you have been shown what works by feminist .Unfortunately even if our
    hypocrisy gets exposed theirs won’t.So what can we do?…..

    ………What a shit load of fuck.

  12. Politics is generally about helping the rich first, placating the women
    second while ignoring the men, this is what “patriarchy” has always been.
    The only real way to stop these feminist excesses is if placating them
    costs the rich more than it is worth, you said it yourself that more and
    more colleges are getting sued.

    Politics and rationality have no chance of working on their own, no one
    will respond to that in this climate, feminists have taken over and
    completely closed down that debate. The only thing that they will listen to
    is money and giving young men the information and resources to hit that

  13. The issue is that overall that just with children we see women as potential
    victims incapable of protecting themselves. If we want to solve this issue
    we need to dispel the myths of male privilege and highlight instances of
    male victim hood. If the general public could be shown the disadvantages of
    men and the advantages of being a woman a more balanced and progressive
    debate could take place. But, right now most people still believe that
    there are almost no women rapists and that there are an insignificant
    amount of male victims. When the CDC themselves have shown that this is not
    true. So, overall I believe that most of this is solvable through public
    sway which means finding a way to bring media attention to all the facts.

  14. Rape Culture just like most hysteria is a Money Train. It plays into
    political ambition as well as a way to cast blame without due cause. The
    People at the bottom are mostly puppets while the Fatcats sitting behind
    the protests are raking it in on Donations , TV appearances, and being
    asked to speak at events. 

  15. How to stem this moral panic? Encourage trustees and lawmakers to reform
    the corrupt gender and ethnic studies programs than are the seedbed for
    this madness. 

  16. Feminism:

    Women are good, men are bad
    Women are innocent, men are evil
    Women are victims, men are bastards.

    If a woman says she was raped, her words must not be questioned. And if you
    do question her words and actions, you are a misogynist, a woman hater, a
    rape apologist.
    His words don’t count, because men can’t be trusted, they’re dirty and
    disgusting, so things like presumption of innocence, benefit of doubt or…
    you know… The basic right of defending yourself and a decent justice
    system that does not discriminate against certain individuals only because
    they fall into a particular category… don’t matter. Whatever happened,
    you’re going to jail because… you know… patriarchy…

    Factual feminism:

    Basically… what mgtows keep saying… but keeping the “cool label”.
    Because, you know, political correctness of this age wants you to be a
    feminist woman even if your beliefs are completely incompatible with
    feminist theory.

    Mgtow philosophy:

    Bullshit. Feminist logic is garbage, feminist “equality” means double
    standards, feminism egalitarianism is based on the presumption of male
    guilt vs the presumption of female innocence. Men are bad, women are good.
    That’s what all feminisms (including the new, cool, trendy ones) are all

    “Cool hip feminists” (or.. man friendly feminists) are NOT your friends.
    They’re still suggesting that “sexual assault” is a massive issue in our
    society. NO IT’S NOT because it’s a huge exaggeration. By today’s standards
    anything that happens is considered “rape or sexual assault”. It has become
    so hysterical now that looking at, talking to, asking, moving, saying,
    walking or speaking or breathing is an act of misogyny or even rape.

    Men… MGTOW.

    M G T O W

    They’re not your friends, they’ve never been your friends. They are your
    number one enemy. They tell you MEN HATE WOMEN. I think it’s the exact
    opposit. They hate you because you are a man. They hate men because they
    resent men. They have been indoctrinated, brainwashed, hypnotised for
    decades by medias, politicians and feminist ideologues. Now they hate you
    because they were told that men are dangerous and evil. They see you as the
    enemy and they will do anything to ruin you, sabotage you and destroy you.
    Even falsely accuse you of something that never happened. And this will
    never stop. Never.

    They’re not your friends. They hate you.

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