Racist Ferguson Police Department Financially Motivated Against Blacks

“Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadaola, and Desi Doyan of the Young Turks discuss new developments resulting from a Department of Justice report that found racist emails from the Ferguson…


  1. This reminds me of the Nords of Skyrim. Very racist towards any non-Nords.
    Same problems, different worlds.

  2. Why don’t they do a study involving DAs judges and public defenders? I’m
    sure the corruption goes deeper down the rabbit hole

  3. Why do you Americans hate the poor and vulnerable so much? My first
    instinct is to help these people, while your first instinct seems to be to
    kick them further down in the dirt. Very strange behavior.

  4. “where blacks, indigenous peoples and Asians were once
    slaves of the Caucasians and it’s amazing how they trained them
    to be racist against themselves in a place they were raised in
    and you kept us caged in
    destroyed our culture and said that you civilized us
    raped our woman and when we were born you despised us”

    – Immortal Technique

  5. No, Ana this is what happens when you insist on a State monopoly on police
    and courts that are funded by a coercive tax system.

    I mean who could have guessed that by giving a group of people the right to
    decide how much of your money you get to keep along with armed thugs to
    enforce their decision would ever be abused?

    You are naive if you think they wouldn’t try this predatory behavior on the
    wealthy if they could. The difference is the wealthy can afford to move,
    the poor can’t.

  6. I agreed with the entire video until the end when Cenk brought up the
    Michael Brown incident. Cenk made it seem as if Michael Brown was an
    innocent man who was shot and killed by Officer Wilson for no good reason.
    Then everybody at the table nodded their head in agreement with Cenk.
    WRONG. WRONG. WRONG, tyt! Michael Brown deserved to get shot and killed.
    Michael Brown attacked Officer Wilson and tried to grab the officer’s gun.
    I’m amazed at how racist tyt is on this matter. Tyt sides with an 18 year
    old robber, and potential cop killer just because he is black. Shame on you

  7. 90% of interracial crime is black on white, yet TYT only talks about
    anti-black racism

    TYT is an anti-white racist hategroup

  8. Then people have the nerve to wonder why black people don’t trust law
    enforcement. It is because they are out to get us, they’ll pin a case on
    your ass if you blink to hard, so why would black people call the cops when
    they aren’t there to help them?

  9. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. What a pathetic police
    department, sadly this happens in multiple police departments. Everybody
    should be fired and possibly jailed for this. You see you stupid worthless
    conservatives? THIS is the definition of institutional racism, not your
    pathetic “omg why tyt no show black on white crime, waycis!!!!” Sadly even
    with this proof of systemic racism, you conservative terrorists will
    continue supporting the oppression of your fellow Americans, you are
    heartless pigs! 

  10. this isn’t just in ferguson. this is more common than just in ferguson.
    ferguson was just noticed because they fucked up and people got extremely
    angry. this is happening everywhere in america. it’s a shit country and
    it’s finally starting to show

  11. Anyone that is ‘shocked’ by how a politically dominant group treats a
    politically inferior group hasn’t studied history.

  12. congratulations to Eric Holder for his sucsessful WITCH HUNT. Couldn’t
    nail officer Wilson, (though he did ruin his career and make him have to
    live in hiding), so we gotta save face somewhere. Wonder what we’d find
    if we could look at Holder’s emails? Of course HE is above the law, so we
    never will.

  13. Yeah, because the cops don’t do this to poor white people, too. This isn’t
    a race issue, it’s a class issue.

  14. I don’t care about American issues, since I’m not American. So, as a
    foreigner, I hope that Rand Paul wins, whatever his policies in US may be.
    I don’t care. And if you keep voting in presidents like Bush and Obama, a
    2nd far worse September 11 will hurt USA in the 1st place… Not that I
    care so much… You’ve done enough and your voters have done enough not to
    deserve better than the worst! But I’m a Southern European, I’m not
    American. As a Southern European, I’d have far more consideration for any
    of Southern European lifes and Latin American lifes. Sorry, Americans, but
    you’ve killed milliions or dozens of millions of ppl in the last decades.
    That’s why I don’t care about the average American life. But I care about
    out Greco-Latin lifes. I know we killed a lot of ppl almost until slavery
    is over… But that is being your job now! I was not born long ago… I was
    born after the Carnation Revolution here and I loved and celebrated the
    victory of Syriza in Greece (and they won’t be alone). I’m tired of USA.
    Maybe that’s why now I’m talking so much more Spanish than English
    recently. You suck Americans.

  15. *This is true intention of the white man, slavery still exist people anyone
    that disagrees is fucking deluded or probably white*

  16. Maybe if blacks would obey the law they wouldn’t be having to pay citations
    in the first place.

  17. dog catcher keeps dangerous dog off they street and the cops keep even more
    dangerous predators off the street. Thank them for doing a hard, still
    watch for abuse of power for sure 

  18. This one’s dedicated to Adrian St. Fort:
    Oh Anna – dearest woman: Let me not hear your name but one more time!

    For depth begets depth by the sounding of a name, and the more past my lips
    it torridly flows, the more I am bound to thee, and less to reason.

    God, let it not come, and conjure the momentary form – some specter of my
    own design – that is your face *and more*, of such venereal gravity that I
    am nothing to do before it but luxuriate in the sickness of half-being,

    Faith, I am bewitched: laughing mad at things not inherently funny, but
    that you make them so; whipping my mind along that it may catch your
    teasing up; and giving cause that I shall afford to thee my heart – little
    marred and in want of wear – and just this once, for I am sorry – I have
    but one to give!

    Oh Anna – dearest girl – brightest companion of my poor mind. But once
    more – your name – then no more:

    Anna, baby – build me a website; preferably on Square Space dot com.

  19. Its so funny how people will dig and dig and hold a microscope to things
    until they find an excuse to throw the racism card. Even though there was a
    court hearing and they found zero valid evidence that the officer shot him
    unjustly, instead of people saying “oh, well maybe we were wrong”, they
    instead shift the attention to the ENTIRE POLICE DEPARTMENT. How foolish is
    that… Of course you’re going to find racism there. You’re going to find
    racism in any place where you want to find racism.

    If you’re a hammer for a long enough time, eventually, everything starts
    looking like nails.
    If youre a Political Correctness White Knight for long enough, eventually,
    everything starts looking offensive, racist and sexist. 

  20. I do not understand why people are suprised when niggers commit crime. they
    are niggers. that is what they do.

  21. america is a fucking lie. everything i was told in grade school and growing
    up about my country has been proved to be a lie. can’t be jailed for debt?
    lie. it goes on and on and on. fucked up country. i’ve enjoyed living in
    china more and that’s the worse place besides america i’ve lived. the
    chinese have more freedom. don’t believe me? go there for a year and see
    for yourself. fuck america

  22. I’ll agree with them on most things, but will disagree with about their
    comment about MB. MB didn’t get shot because the way he was walking down
    the street, he got shot because he assaulted an officer. etc..

  23. If the blacks were being treated one zillionth as badly as they pretend to
    be,we would have seen a mass exodus of blacks out of America back to Africa
    generations ago emptying the USA of all blacks. The blacks would have went
    anywhere but here and claimed political asylum. How many have left in the
    past 3 generations…Zero. That proves they know they’re being handed
    everything and getting away with rioting,raping,and murdering. If they
    tried that in a black ruled African nation they’d be lit on fire by black
    cops in the street.

  24. It’s so sad to see Cenk trying to explain to “non-racist” people what’s
    going on here. White people are generally racist but just try and keep it
    on the low. The only reason things have improved are because of laws. White
    people didn’t stop mutilating and burning people because they realized it
    was wrong. They stopped because they were no longer allowed to do such
    things “openly.” Let’s stop pretending here people, white people are a
    diseased and mentally ill people. History proved it, present day proves
    it…….there isn’t much to talk about here.

  25. It doesn’t matter how much facts you bring to the table these idiots will
    still deny the truth… I’m sure those same idiots would’ve had no problem
    with segregation or slavery… and not because they would be a product of
    their time, but because they are horrible people inside 

  26. This is potentially one of the most frank, honest, and accurate segments
    (that I have seen) concerning the overwhelming and systematic corruption
    that has been rooted in our police culture, for the better part of the few
    decades now. Albeit, I am not exactly sure as to when the majority of our
    peace officers slowly began to turn into thugs, there is no doubt that
    today’s police units are (now) yesterday’s gangs; except worse. It is
    beyond abhorrent to continuously watch these men and women (week after
    week) conduct themselves in this loathsome, malicious, and inhumane

  27. Hell yeah, the cops are the biggest pricks. These people make themselves
    feel superior through these type of jobs.
    The European-americans are not doing a good job of running this country.
    Why would we trust such empowering jobs to a genocidal prone population?!
    Its super ironic given that European-americans constantly criticize
    different ethnic groups for being violent when they are the ones with the
    history of brutally mass killing entire races and violating treaties, bunch
    of cheaters. 

  28. I seriously can’t take TYT seriously when they’re this naïve. Government
    wealth confiscation is not because of “the rich paying their fair share”
    its because of Washington’s spending habits, regardless of their revenue.
    Do not sit here and say more people need to be taxed more. Taxes for
    businesses and individuals are ludicrous and exorbitant as is.

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