Q & A : Fukushima Melts 200 Kilometers of Canadian Pacific Coast Line

http://www.thenuclearproctologist.org/ The entire 200 kilometers we checked of Canadian Pacific Coast Line was devoid of all life , recovery is highly unlikely . This presentation will be followed…


  1. I have two questions:
    1) Do you have early August site specific pre 3/11/2011 photos to support
    your early August 2014 photo presentation?
    2) What radiation detector did Leuren Moret suggest to support your work?

  2. Didn’t mean to post this- the correct video is on Beautiful Girl by Dana
    channel. He documents what’s happened to the Pacific coast.

  3. The ocean is a homeostatic equilibrium of life. All its interfaces are
    static equilibrium. These systems will change very fast without life in
    them. In a month or two they will show drastic change if this is true.
    Red tide or something is going to occur. Really shocking.

  4. Dana: I have watched your videos for a good while. I would like to donate
    money for your effort and to help notify the public of this great crime.
    It is the most heart jerking thing and worse I am so angered that the
    governments of Us and Cn and more surely know this and simply choose to
    ignore it. What is wrong with the people of the earth who are responsible
    for this? Fits right in with the Georgia Guideposts.

    We must organize and get a world wide group – voices united – demand this
    story be told and that the governments take action NOW. It is unacceptable
    that Obama flew to Brazil when this first happened and all his female
    lackeys n his administration just lie through their teeth.

    Please post an address so money can be donated and who can take the final
    step to organize all the people who are aware of this situation and yet
    feel helpless to do anything – we need a leader to begin demanding this be

    Scandinavian countries are grouping together and having honest meetings
    about this – the news in the western world fail to mention this. In fact,
    the govt made them take their postings off the Internet when this first
    happened – remember? This is so defeating – what to do – who is the leader
    to unite us all? Dana, you are doing a great job to tell us everything –
    do you want to be the one to represent all who know about this? I will
    stand and demand with everyone. There is no purpose to life if we have no
    Earth with all of God’s beautiful creatures. The beast coming from the
    ocean in Revelations is radiation. why do we ignore it – the govt has lied
    to us about everything for too long. Anyone with a brain knows it. It is
    time to stop this. Passive from NSA fear, pesticides, chem trails, and
    fluoride. God help us all and help the animals who are dying in the most
    horrible way.
    Amy Brown

  5. Will someone please help me find Dana
    page…..NuclearProctologists.org……. i cant seem to find it on google.

  6. Ok here is my theoretical solution would have to be studied…explode some
    nukes deep below Fuku…create a huge CAVERN…very deep…then drill the
    prefecture and plant …IMPLODE the surface into the CAVERN…then using
    conventional explosives explode the sides into the PIT…might want to
    throw in the Nuke apologists as well…got to think BIG here the cores are
    already deep in the earth…

    GE/GS ” Bring Good Things To Death”

  7. We need to:

    B U I L D A G E N E T I C A R C. T H I N K B I G.


    Exctinctions are going parabolic. 

  8. IM Gunna Recite a band caiied the DOORS!!!!!!! COME ON COME ON COME ON NOW
    AND I !!!!!!!

  9. to make people listen, I’m just running on a thought, make it personal
    beyond what we regard personal. I, we, personally regard the health of all
    the oceans animals, many people only regard the food they eat, how that is
    affected. Varied life in the ocean does little to engage modern mentality.
    Still imperative but lacking a quick bight into humanities psyche. We need
    to put aside the notion of peoples interest in what might be considered
    ‘humane’ behaviour. People… given the chance might lean towards good …
    humane, but en mass they follow the free feed. They’ll eat the food killed
    in the most INHUMANE manners… don’t expect ‘good humane’ reactions. I get
    the feeling people are seeking existence, promised that existence via
    Monsanto people REST they allay their cares as they are deluded to think
    they have an out. We need attack the LIE that is the OUT. As you do
    attacking the apologists… they delude people into believing they have an
    out. I think you are on your best wicket when displaying the food chain &
    it’s outlook. People don’t even seem to care if they get cancer… they are
    deluded they think they have an out… it’s the basis of religion; that
    they have an out, another life, an eternal life. Feckin humane madness…
    tell the people they’ll starve, show them how they’ll starve. Show then
    Monsanto does NOT have the answers! As long as people think they have an
    out, they will let it ride.

  10. Thank you for all you do, keeping waking up the masses about this tragedy.
    I am grateful for your work and research..

  11. No smell at low tide just doesn’t seem possible. It’s like you entered an
    alternate universe. I’m not trying to be cute, it’s one of my most distinct
    memories growing up and going to the shore… The smell at low tide is

  12. Thank you guys for your honest efforts in getting what the lamestream media
    should be doing! I hope you are being cautious enough from this point on
    (seeing how you’ve already possibly exposed yourselves) to investigate with
    a quality geiger counter to track and record your findings and perhaps
    don’t expose yourself any further!!! Your point is made, we are at the
    critical point of a diabolical slow kill by design and not being told about
    it!!!! Take care.

  13. Dana, thank you for this report. Although I did not join your
    conversation yesterday, I was just trying to get over my shock of how bad
    the coast is, I want to say thank you and great work. I had for a while
    been trying to get updates of what the condition of the Pacific Coast was
    and if there were more animals affected than first reported, the sad thing
    is I found nothing on the net except for the “mass animal deaths 2013”
    which are kind of mixed in with the result of the magnetic pulse that the
    British sent to the center of the earth. I had been searching for over a
    year now. Dana, please let us know where we can mail any donation to
    further the work that you started. 

  14. Finally! Irrefutable evidence of the declining health of marine life on
    the North American Pacific coast line.

  15. Donated via your website to try and help you with your heartfelt work
    Dana. Big love. My gratitude to you and Terry.

  16. I really don’t know how or where to start I feel ENRAGED!!! I’m FURIOUS!!!
    I am definitely WRATHFUL!!! But a moment of pause I was able to soak up, &
    took a “zoom out” to see more of this picture, a song struck me in my mind,
    a song titled “SMILE”-Written & performed by Tupac Shakur & “TATOOED TEARS”
    also by 2PAC. I’ve cried oceans since 3/11/2011, for we have lost the
    battle & the war, we must keep swinging even harder, eventually there’s
    more of US than these corporate tyrant parasites….

  17. I’m down in New Zealand/Aotearoa (kia ora everyone I send you ny aroha from
    Aotearoa) and I have listened to Leuren Moret, bless her, and I’ve stopped
    eating seafood. I’ve started taking an iodine tablet everyday as well.I
    miss the white fish I like, and being half-greek I like calamari and
    octopus, but it’s just not safe anymore. And the sheep sit
    there willfully oblivious to it worrying about Mylie Cyrus and her
    NWO-shilled life and say Fukushima radiation is a conspiracy theory, sadly
    for them and for all of us and for GAIA…

  18. This is all the reason we need to get rid of the cartel/mafia that is
    running this country…well, they don’t run us…each city, county runs
    itself..and we DO NOT NEED THE scumbags that are in D.C. All Congress,
    judicial…all should be GONE…THIS heinous crime…is the reason. Of
    course, they did not build that reactor in Japan..BUT Tepco is an American
    company I found out. I am going to start my own personal campaign to
    inform the public about this issue…and write to congress..to tell
    them…’just get the Hell out”!!!

  19. Experts should investigate this and then report to the PM so he can
    announce their findings. Does this take a Gov response for anything to
    happen? If so, that’s sad.

  20. Of course I missed tonight’s show!!! Dang!!! I’ve been checking every night
    too. Oh well, at least I was doing something worthwhile… hanging out w/a
    girl… lol

  21. GREAT SHOW DANA! When I could actually SEE THE COAST it made it more real
    somehow…a picture’s worth a thousand words….how true!!! Thank you for
    your hard work in order for us to SEE what is happening….though it is a
    sad sight…too sad for words. The pictures tell the story…without saying
    a word.
    Bless you Dana and again great thanks for all your dedication to enlighten
    the “sleeping ones.” I do believe that we are gaining momentum for THE
    TRUTH shall set us free. Thank Terry too for his hard work. You two are a
    great team!

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